Thursday, September 8, 2016

Texas 2

Ellie and Jaylie are still the biggest buddies in the world and there is always lots of lovely dresses and over all beautification when they're together.  

These three monkeys went to CDR on Wednesday night with Uncle Clay, Gay Gay, and Clint's crew.  Me and Mo hung out with the younger kiddos and had a nice enjoyable time.  

The two cousin twins chilling on the lawn chair after a CDR baptism. 

Kanyon still LOVES hair and his aunt Rachel is so generous with hers.  

My dad has been saving all sorts of different animal teeth for Quinn.  Quinn was excited to see them excited that he sorted them into categories.  "Little, Tiny, Big, ???, and Wide.  

These 2 crazies snuck away with Gay Gay to the grocery store.  They came back with all the groceries on the list, and some princess crowns and jewelry...NOT on the list but Gay Gay is a pushover.  

Ro and Avery being gone for 2 weeks was FOREVER!!!  We were so happy to get them back! Once Ro woke up from her 4 hour nap in the car, she came inside and settled in near Kanyon so he could play with her hair.  After 2 long weeks away, all was right in Kanyon's world again. 

Mom and Dad are doing some remodeling at their house, so the bulldozers were working. It provided lots of great entertainment.  

My mom found this bee costume dirt cheap one year and the kids love dressing up in it.  J was excited that it finally fit her!! She went around BUZZZZZZZing like crazy! 

The next Sunday we went out to camp again (are you seeing a pattern here??) and had a blast seeing so many old friends.  We weren't dropping any campers off, but lots of our friends and family were so we had the best day catching up and reuniting with lots of great people.  Here are a few of the faces we saw that day. 
Andrew, Susan, Jodi, Me, Doug, Lana, Aaron, Drew, Allie, Rachel, Ro, Avery

Cousin Bowden was there dropping off his older siblings and the boys LOVED playing with him.  So fun to get to spend a couple of hours with people we love!! 

Bowden and Kanyon having a real serious chat about something VERY important I'm sure.  

We used to all work together, then we blinked and we were dropping kids off there.  YIKES! 
Mo, Kendra, Susan, Rachel, Kacy, Lana, Jodi, Me
Kiddos Andrew, Drew, and Reagan 

Spencer cousins minus Nolan.  We've never claimed to have the cleanest kids.  

That following week, we had lots of our camp friends who had kids doing Pee Wees.  Me and Rachel took Marion and Jaylie and went to spend the day hanging out with this gang.  We talked and laughed and time passed way too quickly.  But such a thrill to be with these gals again.  I'm telling you....CDR friendships are like nothing else in the world.  
Kendra, Susan, Jodi, Kacy, Rachel, Lindsay, Me, Hollee (Natalie was there too but left before the picture). 

Speaking of talking, laughing, and time passing too quickly...WE HAD A SLUMBER PARTY!!!  Some of my best gals from Longview drove to Paris and slumber partied at our house.  It was THE BEST.  I just can't believe I have such great friends.  Time passes but when we get together its like nothing has ever changed.  These girls are a huge part of my heart and as cheesy as it sounds, I feel like more of ME when I'm with them.  They were the girls I spent my everyday life with in Longview, had babies together, been through really hard stuff together, been through really FUN stuff together.  They are a huge chunk of me and I LOVE THEM!!  

Addie (and baby #4 on the way), me, Amy, Megan, Jill, Rebekah
Mindi, Michelle, and Kinsey! 

A few kids came along....Trent, Everly, Addison, and Hazel with my 3 monkeys.  

Jaylie holding "Meg's baby" as she calls Hazel. 

We LOVE Miss Kinsey!! We've known Kinsey since she was in Jr. High and now she's all grown up and such an important part of our family! 

Of course we made a trip to the office to have our teeth checked by Paw Paw and Mrs. Becky.  Kanyon has moved up in the dental world..... He's now reading his own X-Rays.  

Q  in the chair

You can see by the look in her giant brown eyes (and tightly closed mouth) that Miss Juney girl was a little nervous when it came time for her to get in the chair.  She eventually took Paw Paw's word that it wouldn't hurt and she did great. 

Kanyon had a Dr. appointment in Dallas, so we went over the night before to stay with Robin and Jeff.  We had so much fun with them! Jeff had recently acquired some real working slot machines and it was quite a thrill for Kan Man to drop in some tokens and watch the lights flash.  Its not set up to actually reward you with more tokens, but pushing the buttons and watching the flashing lights was a jackpot for Kanyon! 

Speaking of Jackpot....Robin's hair!!!

Meanwhile, there was plenty of fishing going on at Gay Gay and Paw Paws! 

...and good morning helpers in the garden

The fun just keeps on comin'! 

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martha crockett said...

You're the best. Love how you share the mighty and the mundane--it's all so fun for those who have, literally, watched this family grow!
Lu, lu, lu ya!!!!! (hahaha)