Monday, September 19, 2016

End of Summer

Our friend Mrs. Kimberly paints Jaylie June's fingernails every Sunday night at small group.  For Jaylie's birthday, she gave her a whole set of fingernail polish! Of course the new polish called for an immediate custom manicure.  J, as always, was completely engrossed in the experience.  Especially this part that I took the picture of-the planning phase.  Which color is going to go on which finger?? Important things.  

Sayler and Hayen were in town with their Dad for some ranch work.  We loved having them at our house one evening.  Quinn was clearly a little perturbed about the picture taking.  

We got the SWEETEST mail ever! The Rotzler Fam sent Jaylie June a Racquet and Jog T-shirt for her birthday and they sent me one "just because". We love sporting our classic Longview, Texas gear and we loved it even more when we found out Mrs. Rebekah and Meg have the same shirts! TWINS!!! 

Me and the kids rode our bikes to part of the creek and these 2 couldn't resist a little dip.  They were leaning over and dipping their heads in the of those things that starts out as "just hair" getting wet and turns into completely soaked kids.  Good times.  

So this is our fleet.  Me on my bike pulling Kanyon and Jaylie June in the trailer.  Kanyon has outgrown all of our other strollers that are regular strollers for babies.  A friend of a friend suggested this and we've loved it. It is a special needs stroller/bike trailer combo. It will fit him until he's 5'4'' or 145lbs. Until she can ride a bike with a little more endurance, J gets to ride along with Kanyon and there's plenty of room for both of them! 

I am not sure what was going on or how this came about, but I know the picture makes me laugh.  

The boys like their beds pushed together and they usually end up something like this.  Seeing your little kids sleep sorta makes you think you can make it through another day with them...little monsters! They're fun, but there are some days I NEED to see them sleep so I can feel like I can wake up and do it all again.  

Kory and Quinn on the swather working on the second cutting.  

June girl chilaxin' with her Sports Illustrated taking in all the Olympic info. 

Quinn did another lemonade stand.  His cute sign says "Lemonade 25 cents.  Be Happy" 

My "Big City" shopping list was long and needed to be dealt with, so me and Jalyie hopped in the car and headed to Billings for a day of Big City errands.  Outside of Scheels she asked me to take her picture with the Abe statue.  She was acting all shy and giddy like he was a real person. 

and this one too.  She's hilarious.  There were other statues, but she seems to be most interested in former Presidents. 

Kanyon had a nice ride on the Buddy seat with Daddy one day baling hay.  He's a pretty good little riding partner.  

Jaylie's first friend here was Raylynn and they have almost the same birthday.  We went to Raylynn's party and she got this cute ceramic tea set, so they opened it and had a tea party on the spot.  

Kanyon and Daddy headed at me on the swather, coming to get their lunch. 

One evening I needed to take Kory supper in the field so we took some of our friends with us. They'd never seen a swather and they all got to take a ride! Here's Declan at the wheel! 

The swather driving kiddos! 
Aiden, Quinn, Kanyon, Declan, and Jaylie.  

Y'all.  This is Jaylie.  She always dumps her business IN THE KITCHEN.  Its like her favorite place to play and its NOT MINE.  

For some reason, the kids wanted their faces painted.  J wanted a bunny and the boys wanted to be eagles.  This was the best I could do (Jaylie's bunny teeth had already rubbed off).  I can't even believe Jaylie's pose.  

She requested an individual shot.  Heaven help us. 

Low Rider


Gram and Chief got the old Jeep running again just in time for Jona's birthday party.  It was a HIT.  They drove and drove until the battery went dead.  This is our friend Easton taking Jaylie for a spin.  

Our sweet niece Jona Rae is 1!!! We HAD to get her a cozy coupe and I think she liked it! 

Summer is nearing the end and that is NOT a good thing.  I still have a hard time figuring out why it ever has to end.  

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