Monday, September 12, 2016

Texas 3

As usual, there were trips to Club Kerby to swim... the more legitimate swimmers we get in the group the more fun this actually becomes. 
Paris' 4th of July Parade was actually on the 2nd.  We got all decked out for it! I always love parades!
Gay Gay with my 3 fire crackers! 

They're quite a pair, these 2.  And we were all dying at Ellies skirt.  They say she always pulls her skirts up really high.  I'm lovin it! 

Clint and Rachel's crew was gone that weekend, so this was the parade watching gang.  Kanyon was happy with Avery's hair, and Colbie was crying. Both very typical things around our place. 

Kanyon had a loose tooth and during the parade it all of a sudden got VERY loose. He was sort of worked up about it, so we had to stop and have a little dental work done by 2 of our favorite teeth experts! 

Quinn has always had a thing for mohawks and Avery taught him how to fix one! He was SOOOO excited! Thanks Avery! 

The next day back at Gay Gay's he was taking his mohawk styling VERY seriously. 

We were able to celebrate Mal Mal's birthday a few days early with the whole gang.  She requested a snow cone party instead of cake and wiffle ball in the yard.  A PERFECT summer birthday party! 

Ro and Juney girl walking together to eat lunch after church.  

On July 3, Paris did their firework show and it was AWESOME! It was seriously the best one I've ever been to. We were at the football stadium so the kids could run around on the field while we waited. It was a blast! 
Here's the cousin crew all decked out in their stars and stripes! 

These boys gotta stick together. 

Quinn came up with this solution to the Texas Heat.  

On the 4th, the whole crew shot fireworks off at Mom and Dad's. The kids had fun and Dad put on a pretty good little firework show for us. 

One of my Dad's friends got a new puppy so he took Jaylie to go see it.  I think she liked the baby goats more than the puppy! 

We all ate dinner at Clint and Rachel's one night, so we took the opportunity and got some group pictures.  Paw Paw and Gay Gay with their crew.  No one does it like these 2.  I like to think we're keeping them young, but we could also very well be taking years off their life with all the chaos and insanity! 

Colbie is freaking out.....noticing a pattern for this child? haha!

Colbie chilled out (mostly) and Jaylie June is picking her nose (with one finger in each side of course).....we just can't get it right. 

GoPro group picture! 

Another fancy day for Ellie and Juney

Juney's dreams came true when she FINALLY got to have a sleepover with Ellie at her house.  They had matching PJ's thanks to Gay Gay and when Mo asked for a beautiful pose, this is what she got.  Perfection. 

Telling these girls goodbye the night before we left. It is heartbreaking than watching these kids have to say goodbye to each other.   

The last night Mule ride. 

We woke up early the next morning and left Texas.  My dear ol' Dad drove us again.  We stopped at Freddy's for an afternoon snack! MMMmmmmmmmm

We sent Gay Gay updates as we drove.  Kanyon prefers to be under his blanket most of the time, so this picture is a pretty good glimpse into life in the car. 

Gay Gay sent fun glow toys! They were perfect for the first night because we were trying to make it past half way so we drove a little later than usual.  The glow toys kept them awake all the way to the hotel! 

This is proof it wasn't all smiles and fun. 

We made it to somewhere in Northern Colorado and stopped for the night, then we woke up and drove the rest of the way to Billings. We got to Billings about 4:00 and dropped dad off.  The kids and I made the last leg of the trip and Quinn was so happy to be out of the car that he literally started climbing the walls!  

As I say every time, we feel like its such a gift that we have 2 homes we love.  Leaving people is horribly hard, but we come back to other people we love. Living across the country from family will always be hard, but we are sure thankful for all the time we have with family and friends we love so much.  Another trip to Texas in the books, another 4,000 miles put on our Suburban, another 10 lbs. gained from living at my Mom's house again, lots of cousin bonding, lots of CDR fun, heat, swimming, laughter, and sleeping in (for me!) deep in the heart of Texas! 

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