Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nanny Lou Turns 90

My sweet, amazing, Nanny Lou turned 90 in September! I wish my whole crew could've gone but we just couldn't do it so I hopped on a plane and had a great weekend in Texas celebrating one of the best women in the whole world! 

90 and Fabulous! 

She blew out all 90 of her candles! 

She's a treasure and I'm so glad I got to be there with her on her birthday. 

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. I didn't even really mean to take it but I love it so much.  This scene is woven into my whole life and when I look at this picture, I can almost feel it. It brings up so many emotions and different times in my life.  Its a timeless photo that could've been taken at any point in my life. Same lights, same house, same lawn chairs, same yard games, and same sounds. I love this place, I love these people and I love all of the memories. The family continues to grow and memories continue to be made!  

Meanwhile, I'm getting texts letting me know that everything is A-OK with my tractor drivers.  

Me and Robin. Love love love. 

Wahoo with cousins...
Megan made t-shirts for all the little cousin (most of them were there...we were missing 4) with Nanny's famous phrase "Love you the most" on them.  

Meanwhile, it's Cheetos by the water tank for my kids. 

And plenty of time on the 4 wheeler. 

Not all 90 year olds dance for their family as they leave.....A longstanding Spencer family tradition. 

My quick time in Texas happened to line up with Julie so we met for breakfast one morning before she left town.  It was quick, but always good to be with her.  

It was a bit of a blitz trip but it was SO GOOD.  Happy to have my Texas tank filled up.  

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martha crockett said...

I've never heard about the dancing! What a great sight in your rear view mirror. SOOOO much better than tears! Late happy birthday blessings to Mrs. Spencer!!!