Sunday, April 22, 2018

Trying New Things and Our Mountain Gathering

Fall temps became offensive to me very early on....NOT ok to be this cold in the FALL.  

Tyler, the guy that works on the ranch part of the year was helping Kory gather some cows one afternoon and was sweet enough to share his saddle with Jaylie June.  She was pleased as punch.  

Jaylie June ready for her first soccer practice! She got to be on Quinn's team this year so it was a great way for her to start this new thing! 

I'm really REALLY bad at getting my kids' well checks done, but Jaylie kept asking me when she would get to go to the Dr. so she got herself a well check! I just can't get over how cute these little babies look sitting there for the Dr.  

Ever since she got to go to gymnastics class with Ellie in Paris, Jaylie has been wanting to do it.  We finally heard about a dance teacher here that teaches a tumbling class.  We counted down the days!!! One of her friends from church was there so they had fun sitting together.  She loved it and was SOOOOOO serious about it.  

Thanks to cousin Marion, J could already do a back bend! 

Jaylie and Rilla after their first class.  Sweet little friends. 

Of course, part of the fun of gymnastics is the suit, and the one we ordered didn't quite come in in time for the first class so we borrowed one.  But she was ready with her new suit by the second class! 

When I was a second grade teacher, I had a student that love love LOVED Giranimo Stilton books.  I didn't even know if they still existed but early on in the school year, my second grade boy comes home from library day with 2 Giranimo Stilton books.  I immediately texted the mother of my student to share the full circle moment with her (who's son is in college now!).  

Clint, Sydni, and the girls came to town for Gathering so we squeezed in as much time as we could...which of course included some Ninja fun for Hayven and Quinn.! 

The time came to bring the cows out of the mountain summer pasture. Here are the first of the ladies on their way down the road...

Chief and Cash holding the road....

....pushing them through to the corral.  

Even the pregnant ladies have to hold the road.  

Another group of cows headed down...

The kids are always anxious for the "work" to be over so they can ride.

Sydni on their new horse Rico! 

Rico is great with the kiddos! YAY! 

The next day we worked the cows that came home and had a great girl power work crew! 

Roy, Kory, and Wes doing what these ranchers do....planning, talking...about ALL the things. 

Aunt Sydni is the queen of reading with little ones, so it was so fun to let Kanyon have his turn to READ TO AUNT SYDNI!!! YAY! 

Remember Balloony? He's inside the bowl, his "house" and the portrait of him that she painted (the green dot on the white paper).  

Soccer kept rolling and J loved playing especially if she could be by Quinn. 

A little homework happening....
Kan Man working on his math..

Q practicing spelling words. 

This is Kanyon's work 100% on his own.  Look out smarty pants! 

post soccer practice work in the corrals...

bored kids and sorting paddles/sticks....

amazingly this didn't end bad. Yay. 

Q reading his book to Dad and Juney.  

Another cold fall day.  Boo.  

After the first couple of weeks of school, I turned the walk in duties over to Quinn.  I know he probably wants to hop out of the car and run into school, but instead he takes the long way up the ramp, carries two backpacks, and holds the door open for Kan Man.  He's a good brother but in my more pensive moments, I realize that this will make him a good man.  His life is unlike most of his friends' lives, and sometimes I am sad of him, but mostly I'm just proud of him.  

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martha crockett said...

I love too many things about this to even start... Don't tell your mom, but I think you are blessed to get to experience the life you are in MT!!!