Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Sunday was a big day for Mr. Kanyon! He got to go to the nursery at church!! Our preemie Dr. in Dallas had suggested us keeping him out of childcare for his first 2 years (and winters...which happens to all end at the same time for us). So he made his Alpine Nursery debut Sunday. The ladies were so sweet. They were ready for him with his name on his cubby and everything. I am so very thankful for the set up at our church. It is BRAND NEW and everything is so clean. They work really hard to keep it clean and healthy for all of the little ones. No shoes and they clorox tables and toys every time after the kids leave. There are 2 sides (baby baby/non walkers) and bigger babies. We'll keep klp on the little side for a while so as not to get plowed by the big kids even though he's twice the age of some of his nursery pals! When I dropped him off I sat him in his chair and he was just kinda taking it all in next to his friend Elizabeth. He did great! They said he cried once when someone took his car away, but ya know, all of this "being around other kids" thing is new so he'll just have to get over that! :) He went again on Wed. and they combine the kids so he was in there with a bigger group. He cried a little at first and when I looked through the window (double sided so they can't see you....see...told you it was a good set up) he was sitting up at the table playing with his car just like the rest of the gang. I just feel like this was such a huge deal! He did great and I'm so glad he's going to get to play with his friends more now!! I'm trying to ignore when they kids "share" slobbery toys. This is all new to me too! It will be fine, I just have to wean myself off of my house arrest mindset I've had for 2 years.

Here he is ignoring the teacher trying to sing to him.....he was slightly overwhelmed.

Chillin' with Lizzie while the teacher sings to the other side of the table.
We went from church to what has become a little Phillips Pham tradition. 3 Easters ago (wow) was our first time to go to church after the babies were born. Kory's mom was with us and we went to worship and needed to eat something fast because we had a little one pounder waiting on us at the hospital. So, we went to the Taco Bueno right by the hospital. We kinda laughed at how not fancy that was for a little holiday dinner. Then last year it only felt right to eat it again. So this year there was no question! The Briscoes joined us this year and we were so happy! This was little Addison's (a fellow x-one pounder) first time to go to church so it was a big day all around. Here they are enjoying lunch!

Thank you to Auntie Nancye and Cousin Morgan for providing the Easter shirt this year. It has some super cute shorts to go with it, but it was a little too chilly for them. I didn't go all out and I'm seeing all the pics of the little boys in their smocked rompers or suit and ties and I'm feeling a little sad. But not too sad because look how cute he is!!!
The Easter bunny brought a tiny little bubble set like the ones they have at the clinic. The Easter bunny was pretty lame because he couldn't even find a basket or eggs that he could have sworn he knew where they were. Good thing klp has no clue.

This is his Nanny Betty Easter Bunny. This was my grandmas and she always had it out at Easter. It has one of her ceramic eggs inside that she painted. This stays in klp's room all the time, but I wanted to take his pic with it on Easter. He just wanted to eat the ears.

The Pruitt's came in for a visit and boy were we glad to see them! Sheeeeesh!! We went to eat with the whole Pruitt crew Sunday night and had lots of fun. Coop and Kanyon are still best friends. Here are the girls.
And the boys

Well, that sums up our Easter. It was a fun weekend as long as I don't bring up the fact that I had to miss my little niece Landry's birthday party. Just don't bring it up.


cassi rash said...

Aw...I am so glad house arrest is finally over for y'all. Looks like y'all had a fun Easter!

Shanna said...

I love the Easter at Taco Bueno... sounds like a great lunch tradition to me! I never knew about that place before Kyle... and now I know its greatness! :) Glad you had a nice Easter!!!

annalee said...

what a wonderful day to finally be able to go to church together.
i don't think it's possible to top easter lunch at taco bueno! i wish we could have joined y'all:)

Corbitt Family said...

I'm so glad Kanyon is doing so well in the nursery. Both times the girls just watch him and then try to take his toys!

pruittsplace said...

yep... this was a fun part of our easter! then we got to go visit the rangels and see christian! it was a great weekend for us. thanks for coming out to a "plastic" mexican place with us.
i can't believe all those good mx places were closed!
also... you forgot to mention that kory got drafted to play paint-the-house at the pruitt's! it was a big help!