Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Gear

Kanyon has gotten some new gear in the last week or 2, so here it is.

He got a gait trainer to help him start to learn to stand up and take steps. He is a long ways from doing it, but we're letting him just explore it.

As far as he's concerned he got a new chair with some awesome velcro to chew. He pretty much just sits on the seat, he's not ready to stand up on his own and take steps.
Check out these babies!!! He had outgrown is other AFO's. These are actually less bulky than the others, not to mention the toughness of the flames. Next comes a leather jacket.

He got a new brace for his hand. This one keeps his thumb and pointer finger out and ideally, his hand open. We may also start attaching the strap that wraps up his arm to keep his arm supinated because I think it really helped. We'll see. They also made him one to sleep in at night to keep his hand open, but his hands are open at night already, so I don't know. We'll see.

Ok, here's the story on these pics. On Friday, Kanyon will start hippotherapy (Therapy on horses). He has to wear a helmet and he's never really worn stuff like that before. So, Celia brought out a helmet (not exactly the ones he'll be wearing) to practice wearing it so that he won't freak out his first time he has to wear one. This helmet was clearly too big, and he ended up not even really freaking out, but I was laughing so hard I was crying. Oh man he looked so funny. So, go ahead and look at these pictures and try not to smile!!!

I think is feelings were hurt that I was laughing so hard at him.

Just found this picture. It would've been better for my last blog. He just loves to do this.

Here he is under the table in our living room. He just sits there.

That's all for now!


erin f. said...

Therapy on horses? Wow, that sounds like fun! Am I just really dumb or does that actually mean with on a real horse? The pictures with the helmet are just too cute, I laughed out loud (don't tell Kanyon!)

sharon said...

oh, the flames. and the helmet! i could totally picture you laughing until you cried. and i'm with erin...i am believing that kanyon is about to do therapy with real horses and i am REAL excited about that! fun!

ali said...

lol! love the helmit pics :) can't wait to see y'all this wknd!!

The Longley's said...

The flames are the best!

Paige said...

Love the FLAMES!