Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kanyon's First Run-In With The Law

Friday night we had to call the police on Kanyon. Yes, he's already out of control. Here's the story. The plan was to run to the mall real quick so I could return something. Kory took Kanyon to load him in the car. The next thing I hear is a little *beep* and then a chuckle from KLP. I look out the back door and Kory says, "Hand me my spare set of keys, Kanyon just locked himself in the car." KLP had let klp have the keys while he was buckling him in and when he got him in, KLP was going to walk around and get in the car when klp's little ever curious mouth takes hold of the keyless entry thing and the next thing we hear is the *beep*. We laughed and then I reached up to the key hook thing to grab the spare set of keys. Gone. we start the search. Meanwhile, klp is chillin' in his carseat chewing on the keys. We heard several *beeps* but never the *beep beep* of the UNLOCK. We turned our house upside down and never did find the spare set of keys. We called the non emergency police line to see if they could send someone out. They said they would....send a FIRE TRUCK!!! UGGHH!!! We keep looking for the keys and klp keeps chillin' in the car. After a few minutes, the fire truck got there (no lights and siren, thank goodness) and then said they would have to call the Locksmith because they couldn't get into our kind of car. Oh boy. So the Locksmith gets there and he was so nice. He pulled in the driveway and barrelled out of his truck and ran up the driveway. I'm sure he thought the kid was in distress or in danger. He was neither. Maybe confused as to why I kept shining the flashlight in there to check on him. He had long since moved from the keys to the velcro on his boots as he waited patiently for some company in the car. It took the locksmith like 5 seconds to get it open and it was a free service. Though we did give him a tip. Next time (if there is one which we hope there is not) we will just go straight to the Locksmith. We were glad that it stayed funny and that Kanyon never started flipping out or anything and VERY glad it wasn't HOT. A time we are SERIOUSLY thankful for our laid back little boy.

This was after at least 30 min. He was a little thrown off by the flashlight shining in on him.

Here he is right after it happened chewing on the keys.....unfortunately, never the unlock button.

I didn't want to take a picture of the fire truck because I didn't want them to think we thought this was a total joke and then we'd have CPS at the house too, but I did snap this one of the Locksmith working and the Firemen looking on.
There you have it. Not bad for a wild and crazy Friday night! Who says life stops after you have kids??!!


tleaf10 said...

Firemen Schmiremen! I can't believe they didn't just send an officer out. I will say that some of our officers have this neat little bladder thing you stick in the door ... pump it up and the door opens enough to get something in to unlock it ... and yes I know this firsthand. :) I'm glad everything went smoothly - Kanyon is one cool kid!

Life as a Spencer! said...

Shane and I got a good laugh out of this. I know it probably wasn't that funny when it happened but glad you can laugh about it now!

Paige said...

Oh my! Sweet Kanyon, always keeping you on your toes!

Kyle, Steph, and Suzie Sanderson said...

Thanks for keeping up with our blog, Phillips Fam! We keep up with you all too and really enjoyed this encounter of Kanyon's run in with the law:) Hope you all are doing well!

Steph for Kyle and Suzie

cassi rash said...

That's hilarious! My dog, Tyke, did this to Marty one night and I thought they were never going to get back into the truck. Boys will be boys. Glad he didn't flip out anything. I know how frustrating that could of been!

Jennifer said...

Hey there! I enjoy your blog and just wanted to let you know that I have had to do the same thing with my little ones. I was in the Babies R Us parking lot and they sent out a fire truck, lights and sirens, the works. Needless to say, everyone was fine and I was totally embarrassed.

Jennifer Hansen

Silverthornes said...