Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Total Randomness

I have lots of catching up to do and lots of things I want to post. There will be more soon. Don't know if I should say "I'm Sorry" or "Your Welcome!" Probably "sorry" unless you're a grandma.

This is Emily, Kanyon's Speech Therapist (feeding). We are SOOOO sad that she is gone now, but we're happy she's getting married!! We seem to make major life changes happen. We lost our awesome OT Angela when she had a sweet little baby and now we've lost Emily to marriage! Now our Nutritionist is pregnant, so we'll see if she stays. Emily has been so very patient with Kanyon (and his mother) and we are so thankful for all of her hard work with Kanyon.

Here is Kanyon and his buddy Christian chillin with the youth group a few Wed. nights ago. David and Kory aren't in the youth group....
This is a tribute to our most faithful friend. I could write a letter to this thing, but I'll spare us all. I did have to put Kanyon in the bouncy seat one more time before we put it in the attic. It was time.

He still LOVED bouncing in it. You can see on his face how hard he's bouncing!

This little boy has actually been taking more bites lately. They're tiny, but at least he's taking them. Not enough to amount to anything meal/calorie wise, but at least he's taking them!!! He was having a little chocolate pudding the other day...
He makes this face when the food get in his mouth. I think he's trying to figure out the taste and whether or not he wants to swallow. I think it looks funny.

All of my Hemphill cousins were in town for Easter so we went over there to play Wii Mario Kart and chill by the fire.

I love this little series:
klp things KLP is SOOOOOOOO funny!
"What did you say, mom? Give him a kiss?"

sweet boy.

The next few pics are of Kanyon's favorite toys lately.
My clothes drying rack. I would drag this all over and flip it and turn it and have a big time with it. I think it only pinched him once and not that bad. I finally got tired of stepping over it so I put it back up.

This goes on the bottom part of the fridge. If he gets near the fridge, goes straight for it, pulls it off and then plays with it. I refuse to put it back on again. I couldn't get a picture of him playing. He kept stopping and looking up when he heard the camera or saw the red light.

I have a better picture of this, but I can't find it. klp loves to play by the back door window. Especially when Ollie is out there. Ollie was outside looking at him in this pic, I just didn't get it. Bad angle.

Under the table. He also likes to get under the little sofa/buffet table in our living room. He goes to the same corner of the kitchen table and just sits under there. And licks the chair legs. And licks the floor. yucky.
These 2 are almost too much.

There you have it. I have a few more pics so maybe I'll do another post to come up tomorrow. We're headed to Dallas.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!! Thanks for the shout-out on the blog. Love, Love the picture of me and Kanyon during therapy AND I REALLY love the one with FOOD all over his mouth!! AWESOME!! I hope everything is going well. Will you email me that picture of my and Kanyon?? My email is: emily.dvs1@gmail.com. Keep in touch. And feel free to email me if you need anything!!


Kelly Litton said...

Jaymie, he is just too cute! That smile can melt your heart!

daphne.fritz said...

YAAAAY Kan Man! I'm so happy he's taking bites - and I know you will miss your SLP, but she's gonna miss Kanyon too!
(I've been keeping up with klp on your blog and through Alpine, my family goes there... and I'm in my first year of work as an SLP too!)

Amy said...

Yay for bites!! Keep up the good work, I know it's so hard but you are doing a great job. Kanyon is so blessed to have such an amazing mommy and daddy. :) Thinking of you often and praying for you.