Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Other Side of Kanyon

There is a side of the Grand Kanyon that I have failed to fully expose, so maybe these videos will help.

On this first one, I did the unthinkable.....I told him "no". AND it was bedtime. Bad combo. At the end, I ask him to sign his newest word "dog". We've been practicing for a long time, but this was the first time he's ever done it when I ask him on the spot. He usually pats more than just once, but that's after practice, so I was happy that he did this well out of the blue.

This one is pitiful then turns gross/hilarious. He was ready to get out of his standing frame and he wanted to whine a little as if to beg us to let him out. Then he discovered something very interesting.

I can't include my crying baby without this video. All of our NICU nurses that still read will appreciate this. This was the first time he ever gave us a real cry. It was Father's Day of '07. It was oh so wimpy. But we were kinda happy, ya know. The whole time he was on the ventilator, he couldn't make a sound, then after that he would sometimes make a noise that sounded like a squeak. Then he graduated to this and I can't say that we heard it all that much. He's never been one to cry that much. I remember the nurses teasing us the day we took this video saying when their NICU babies start to cry that means its time to GO HOME!! We weren't far away. The funny thing is that this looks like him, ya know. Its the same bottom lip and the little sound is still little. Maybe it was the preemie lungs, but he never has cried very loud.

So there you have our little crybaby! :)

It was dark in the first 2 and I'm sorry. I just did this with my little camera, so they are dark.

In the 2nd video you hear the ranting of a wife on wife swap. I hate it /can't stop watching that show if I ever see it on. I wish it wasn't blaring in the background while Kanyon picked his nose. I wish I would've never seen the first 5 min. so then I had to watch the whole show.

I can't figure out how to get the related videos to stop popping up after the videos. Sydni...I obviously can't do it right??? what is my problem?!!!


Paige said...

That sweet cry! I love how you ask him if he is over it. We do that with E. Sometimes she tell us before we can ask that she is over it. She actually uses the word 'done'. Love you!

cassi rash said...

So pitiful and adorable at the same time!

ali said...

i was just thinking before the last video he has the same 'cry' face as he did when he was a baby:) i watched the spit video and was cracking up. he laughed so hard he got hiccups!!

Sydni said...

ARGH! Those DUMB related videos. Oh, well. PLEASE, PLEASE don't let them stop you from posting videos which I'm really sure you wouldn't. It's just that the videos are worth SO much to me.

The McCarter Family said...


Karen said...

I love the flames. The next thing you know..he'll want a "trike" to go with that leather jacket. I can't view the videos yet, but I'm working on it. And, have you gotten the verse done like you want it? If not, e me, and if you want, we can work on it together. You guys are great parents! Talk to you soon...karen