Thursday, April 16, 2009

While we were out....

Before I get to the pictures Mom and Dad took while we were on vacation, I wanted to share these that Rachel sent me from the weekend of the birthday party.

If you know our family, you know we're never in a hurry to leave church...we usually shut the place down. Well, while we waited on whoever was still talking, Clint started playing with Kanyon....

then rosie and avery joined the fun.....
its all fun and games til somebody gets hurt! (take a close look at klp....he wasn't hurt, just a little overwhelmed by Rosies JUMP on his Uncle Clint.)

Rach took these at the party...Roselyn went to see Kanyon and when they stared at each other.....

He reached out and hugged her all on his own!!! He was so happy to see his cousin!

More fun times on the Po-Knee...Avery was having fun, she just wasn't quite ready to let everyone know. She tried to pout for a second, but you can only pout so long when you're riding a Po-Knee!!!

After the party, we all went to Jucy's for a good burger. We sat boys and girls and I LOVE this picture...Kanyon was feeling his new 2...he looks so big!

My Montana boys
I'm narrating based on my mom's tellings of the weekend events. Kanyon and Mr. Bird bonded.

Great Auntie Nancye came to town for some fun!
I think Paw Paw and Kanyon did lots of this! klp had a couple of nights of bad sleep and my dear ol' dad took very good care of him (so did my mom, but she had the camera!)

He learned to feed the fish

He likes the fish said he kept trying to put it in his mouth.....hmmm..wonder how many calories fish food has??? Maybe I could try fish food?????
Mr. Bird pecked klp one day and it hurt his feelings, so he was a little shy. Mom had to get him warmed back up to his feathered friend.

UGHH!! Annoying blogger out of order picture feeding the fish.

This is Buddy, my parents' (or as my dad says, my MOM'S) nappy dog. He is a stray mutt we've had for years. While he's not too easy on the eyes, the kids LOVE him! He is so sweet and rolls over any time you get near him. So he's fun for them to pet.

Mom says this was a favorite spot in her kitchen.

Clint and Rachel had sick kids while Kanyon was there, so they weren't around much. But Clay and his crew came over one day. By the look on my dad's face, Avery is VERY scary.

Sometimes the cousins just have to chat with each other.

Aunt Mo tickling Kanyon....I can just hear his laugh in this picture!

I love this picture. For so long we had to keep Kanyon away from his cousins and now he can play with them! YEAH!! Thanks to his lightning fast booty scoot, he keeps up pretty good.

Isn't Mo so pretty in this picture?? I hate her. haha
My mom had a couple of little appointments that she couldn't reschedule, so Kanyon got to spend a little time with Carolyn. She has worked for my dad forever and is seriously one of the most kind, giving, and sweetest people we know. Kanyon LOVED playing with her and wanted to thank Hooper for sharing his Nana with him!! Thank you so much Carolyn!!!

According to mom, klp decided he no longer wants to sit in your lap while on the swing, he needs his own seat THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
BLOGGER IS MY ENEMY!!! Another sweet pic with Carolyn.

So, there you have looks like fun was had by all!!! More posts coming soon..I have lots of catching up to do.


cassi rash said...

aw...i hope y'all had a great time on your vacation. the po-knee looks like too much fun. that is a great picture of mo. her hair looks almost brown though because of the lighting. kanyon is getting so big. i hope we get to see him soon!

DCVol said...

Fun, fun, fun pics! I am so glad you guys get to get away for a MUCH needed vacation....and it looks like Kanyon was treated like the very prince that he is :). Yay for spring and hopefully the end of flu season.....I will email you more soon! Love, Kelly S.

sharon said...

he is so sweet. i love cousin/grandparent time. someday i'm going to love kanyon/sharon time. :)

Daphney Harris said...

Hooper was thrilled to share his Nana with Mr. Kanyon! She had a BLAST with him and said he was the sweetest most loving baby! Thank you so much letting Mom love on him, she said it was an honor to get to watch him.