Saturday, October 1, 2011

Green/Spencer Labor Day Insanity!!!

We made our usual trip to Paris this year for Labor Day.  The Greens always come to Paris for the weekend and we look forward to it ALL YEAR LONG!!!  And the beauty of the Green/Spencer Labor Day is that its not JUST Greens and Spencers!  The Bowers got to come for part of the time! yeah! 

Here are my book worms in the car on the way there.  

As soon as we got to my parents' house, klp and Ro quickly found each other and she picked up right where she always does being sweet and silly making klp laugh! 

Caden played his guitar while the other kids watched and listened.  Fast forward 10-15 years and the same kids will probably be hanging out together while Caden plays the guitar.  It seems in this picture that klp was raising his hand for a song request.

We usually go out to our lake on Saturday, but this year for multiple reasons, the Kerby's pool was a better option.  It was a blast!   Q man  sportin' the puddle jumpers just in case he gets brave enough to get in the water.  Just kidding.  He did play in the water and had fun.  He just played out of the water too! :)  

This was as close as we got to a group picture and I think this is everyone that was there.  Minus the parents (meaning my parents and Dee and Susan and Clark and Kathy....I guess we should now call them the grandparents)

Joe David, Stefany, Jed, Adam, Caden, (Tate stayed home and slept), My crew, Clint, Rachel, Nolan, Ro, Clay, Mo, Avery, Landry, Mallory, Eric, Amber, Ayelan, Auburn, and Easton.  WOW.  That's a lot of kids.  13 total!

As you can imagine, the Mule was busy all weekend.  Amber and I took a few kids for a spin.  

Seeing all these kids eating together is one of my favorite things.  They are all getting so big!  And of course, it warms my heart to see my Kanyon sitting up there eating with his friends.  There were times I wondered if that would ever happen! 

Paw Paw with Quinn, Easton, and Auburn.  

Landry, Avery, and klp watching a movie.  (klp usually gets kicked out of the movie room for being too loud.  He can't see the TV in there very well so he just ends up playing and getting too wound up with all the other kids. He's kind of disruptive! :) 

klp shoving food in his face while Auburn smiles so sweetly.  

qsp and Easton.  They are only a couple of months apart.  ACU roommates-- like it or not.  

The gals. 

Amber took these pics of my boys playing in the driveway.  

This is look is sooooooo Quinn.  

klp was scratching his back....funny face.  They are quite dirty and I didn't even mean to have them dressed the same.  Wife beaters are just the perfect shirts.

I'm pretty sure klp's shirt is on backwards.  oh well.  I still love this pictures. 

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!!  (I have no pics of our parents, but mom and dad and Dee and Susan were there and busy working to feed everyone and help us with our wild kids....they are the best).  Weekends like this only reinforce our dream of all living in some remote "communal living" place together! :)  

Q enjoyed wearing Caden's helmet (backwards only)

Ahhh isn't this sweet of Ro Ro and Kan man???  

Really she's just trying to get him to look at the camera! HAHA!! He was just wanting to play with her and we were trying to get a picture.  Thanks for the help Ro.

Avery joined and Ro had to use 2 hands to move his head towards the camera!!!  

When the big kids took off in the Mule, qsp and Nolan decided to take a ride on the ol' pony. This was ours when we were little.  

Nolan thought the fake horse was boring, so he took Buddy for a ride! 

klp cuddling with Aunt Rachel and baby???? (no name yet!)

Avery and klp playing in the dirt.  

After the long weekend, I stayed a few more days because I had to go to Dallas with Kanyon.  The boys got to cuddle with Paw Paw a little more! 

3 cheers for my dad and Rachel.  They kept Quinn for me so that Mom could go and help me in Dallas.  We had to spend the night and had 3 different appointments. Dad was in charge of Quinn all night and then Rachel kept him the  next day!!  He had a blast!!!  

Here is klp on our way to Dallas.....little book worm.  

Rachel sent me this picture of Quinn at breakfast.  Looks like he was being sweet for her.  

In the mean time my stud of a son was knocking out MRI's, office visits, blood draws, etc. 

We saw his neurosurgeon for his yearly checkup and everything looked great.  We are always thankful for that.  We also saw his Nephrologists to follow up from his hospital stay with HUS.  She was VERY pleased with him and thought he looked great!

It was a long, tough day for him, but he did great.  And was asleep in the car within 2 minutes of leaving.  

Great weekend! Great reports from Doctors!

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