Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Fall and Thanksgiving Road Trip

One day when Kanyon was at school, Me, Juney, and Q went with KLP to the sale for a little bit.  
Jaylie was excited EVERY time a cow came in to the ring.  

These two ventured off to sit by themselves.  

This was our view.  I kept making Kory nervous by scratching my hair while people were bidding.  I think he was scared he was gonna get stuck buying 34 bred heifers! ha! 

Leonardo all ready for bed. 

We had a little movie night around here and watched How To Train Your Dragon.  Q got double comfortable with his chair in a chair. 

We got some snow and had fun playing for the first time this year. 

Now she's Iron Man. 

And this is how she poses for pictures.  She thinks she's soooo cute. 

And this is how she poses with guns.  

And this is her best double chin look.  

klp came home from school with this.  Pretty sweet. 

Speaking of Thanskgiving, it was our year to spend Thanksgiving with Kory's Mom's family.  They meet in Tipton, Oklahoma where one of her sisters lives.  Our whole family was there. Clint, Sydni, and their girls flew there and our crew, Wes, Susan, Tye, and Rachael drove the 19 hours.  We had very VERY yucky roads through Wymonig.  It was a long, tense night, but we made it to our hotel and had a much easier travel day the next day.  

Cool traveler.  I guess I said "Cool dude!" a lot when my kids put on sunglasses because now they think anyone that is wearing sunglasses is called a "dude".  Haha.  

We made it to Tipton Wednesday night and were so happy to see family.  This gathering happens every other year so it had been 2 years since we'd seen some of these cousins! The weather was nice and the kids enjoyed the little parks in town.  


This is cousin Jaylee.  The original Jaylee.  Last time we were there for Thanksgiving my boys called her big baby Jaylee.  haha.  

I did a terrible job taking pictures but we had a blast. We had a little home church Sunday morning and hit the road.  We had much nicer roads all the way back.   New day...Same seat, same toy, same cool chick.  

This is how Kanyon slept for about 2 hours. Strange. 

We got home Monday evening and quickly decided to opt for flying to Texas at Christmas.  The chances of bad roads was too high and we were not interested in driving like that again.  Ugh.  

Back home we got back to our usual....carrying 3 purses and a baby bed full of babies.  

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