Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paw Paw, Gay Gay, Uncle Clint, and HALLOWEEN!

 We had been counting down the days ever since Uncle Clint booked his trip to come up here to hunt an antelope.  He did the research figuring out how to do all the out of state hunting junk and drew an antelope tag.  We were all very excited as you can see in the picture below: 

Jaylie June was my travel buddy the day he flew in...She was such a trooper on the drive! She was happy to see her "Unn Keee" as she calls Uncle Clint.  

The fun began immediately! 

We ate some lunch, ran to Costco, and hit the road back to Lewistown just in time for Paw Paw and Gay Gay to drive to our house!!!! WOHOOOO!!! They decided a couple of weeks earlier to drive up while Clint was here! Yay!!! 

A friend from Paris sent Purple Hull Peas with my parents since he knew these Montana people needed to taste some! We shelled the whole box with a little help from the munchkins. 

At some point, June told Gay Gay that she wanted some pink cookies.  As you can imagine, they made some pink cookies ASAP.  

The finished product!

One day while Kanyon was at school we drove out to the fish hatchery to check it out.  Its a pretty place even this time of year when most of it is shut down.  

This is my strange child Quinn.  He lays down ALL THE TIME.  Even in his chair in a restaurant.  He reached his hand up to dip.  Weirdo.  

Kory and Clint spent lots of time out looking and tracking the antelope. Just when we were starting to get nervous that time was gonna run out and Clint was going to go home empty handed, we got this "selfie" texted to us.

YAY!!!!!! We were all so excited that the hunt was a success! 

We celebrated the last night by having a bid dinner.  Dad and I chicken fried elk (that a friend of ours had just killed).  It was YUMMMMMY.  

 Mom, Me, Clint walking down to the sporting goods store on the nice sun shiny day.  The weather was so very warm!!! 

Mom came with glow sticks for everyone!!! 

 klp had family night at school while everyone was here.  So we made it "extended family night".  

This is Juney's new pose.  The shoulder raise.  What evs. 

We were able to convince Mom and Dad to stick around one more day so they could join us for all the Halloween fun! For the first time ever, the kids all chose their own costumes.  Quinn knew from the first time we talked about it that he wanted to be a skeleton. I have no idea where he got that idea and why he was so set on it, but thats what we did.  Kanyon immediately (and to no surprise to us) said he wanted to be John from Peter Pan.  Jaylie June said Kitty Cat.  She wavered a little bit between a puppy dog and a kitty cat, but she settled on a cat.  Which I may have encouraged because the costume would be so much easier.  We had a fun time getting everyone ready. 

Juney girl was in THA ZONE when it came time to get ready. She was so still and serious about all of it.  She didn't move a muscle while I was putting her face on.  

We recycled her nerd glasses from last year since they had the cat eye effect.  My fav was the collar with the bell.  Hee hee.

For the first time ever, I straight up bought a costume.  This skeleton one was brand new at our thrift store, so I went for it.  I found the gloves in a stroke of good luck at target on a quick trip to Billings. I was able to add my own touch by making the mask.

In case you don't remember who John is from Peter Pan, here's a little side by side.

The star of the show for Kanyon's costume was his crutch.  He can walk with this with a little help so I decided to turn his crutch into John's umbrella. Its an essential accessory to the John costume and I wasn't sure how else we could keep it with him while he went trick or treating.  So, a black garbage bag, some yellow crape paper, and some packaging tape transformed the crutch into the umbrella! I once made his walker in to a horse so he could be a cowboy so I kinda liked the idea of using his "gear" in the costume.  

Here we are ready to go! Thankfully we had wonderful weather. I think it was close to 70 degrees that night.  YAY for not having to wear winter coats over our costumes! 

june showing off her kitty cat paw.  

John in action 

We made the all important stop at Gram and Chief's house for some fun treats.

Juney girl with her Gram.

And this is what happens to that sweet, happy, cute little kitty cat when you tell her no more candy.

On our first Lewistown Halloween, I have to say I was VERY impressed with the candy quality. It was all GOOD STUFF!! Kan could care less about candy, so he was happy to dump his out and let Q and KLP eat some!

They had fun sorting it all out. 

We had a blast all week and ended with such a fun night!   And, of course, this visit was documented with a porch picture! 

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