Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Morgans Come to Visit!

We have some WONDERFUL friends from Longview that recently moved to Greeley, Colorado.  We joke now that they are our closets friends! Only 10 hours away!  Rand and Maggie moved to Colorado to be near 2 of their kids that live in that area.  We know Longview misses them, but we are thrilled to have them "close".  They have served as a pit stop for us as we drive through and it sure is handy and FUN!  We had a blast with them while they were here!!  

I want sheep and Kory keeps telling me no.  How can you look at this and still say no????? Not to mention those tiny baby lambs.  I'll keep working on him. 

Maggie is responsible for 99% of these pictures! So thanks Maggie for documenting so well. I had a hard time choosing just a few to post. 

Here is Kanyon on one of our bike rides.  The leaves were so beautiful while they were here. 

Me, Maggie, and the kids walked to the park one evening while the men were working.  We almost got blown away when a storm blew in but we made it back home before it rained! 

We went out to the ranch one day and it turned out to be kinda chilly.  So the kids played in the shop most of the time.  Here's jjp bothering/loving on Bea. 

There was another rancher shipping his cattle from our scale/corals that day, so Rand and Jaylie June were watching the calves walk through. 

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Maggie, Rand, and our 3 under the Bar Diamond brand.  These 2 love our kids so much and have always treated them like their own.  We are so thankful for people who love our kids and show us such support and friendship as we navigate parenting, life, and marriage.  

Wes and Rand visiting after the shipping was over. 

They red lots and lots of books to my kiddos.  In fact, they did lots of things with the kids.  Pretty much anything the kids asked! ha! 

One afternoon, kids napped and I took Rand and Maggie up to the Butte.  It didn't work out to have the whole crew with us, but it was kind of nice to take an all adult trip up there. I wasn't worried about anyone falling off or needing a piggy back ride! 

Me and my dear friend.  

Great couple! 

See what I mean?? Anything goes!!!  

Maggie brought a new book for the kids each morning they were here.  The kids had so much fun reading them over and over.  

And sometimes the only open seat in the car is a car seat. Sorry.  

We were making Maggie pay her dues...opening gates! 

and of course...The Porch picture! We had a GREAT time!  We love you Morgans!  

Quinn drew this picture of all uf us while Rand and Maggie were here.  After they left, he drew and X through R and M and said in a sad, pitiful voice, "I had to do this because they're not in our family anymore." 

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