Monday, December 8, 2014

Uncle Tye is Married!!!!

October 11 was a big day in the Phillips Family.  UNCLE TYE GOT MARRIED!!!!  

Several of his friends came from Texas and Oklahoma for the big event.  Thursday before the wedding we held a little "Ranch Olympics" with Tye and all of his buddies.  It was a nice mix of local small town buddies  and city boy friends, but they were all good sports and all very hilarious. It was a fun day! 

This is a sideways picture of Andrew playing with Quinn.  Andrew and I were really good friends in college, then he became good friends with Tye and his roommates when they lived down the street from each other.  Andrew spent a few months here with Tye several years ago, so he was excited to come back and I was SO excited to see him. I think I've only seen him once since we graduated from ACU.  I love that our worlds crossed and Tye is another reason we have to see each other.  

"Uncle" Andrew and Jaylie June had lots of fun together! I love when my kids get to know my friends!!!  

The nieces were flower they are before we left for the wedding.  And before we realized Hayven's belt was falling down! 

Pictures were all taken before the wedding. I snapped a few while the photographer was taking them.  

Is there anything better than brothers???!?!?!

Bride, Groom, and nephews!  I'm so sad I never got a picture of all 3 of mine with Tye and Rachael. 

They were showing off their boot tops because Quinn was very excited that he and Uncle Tye had matching green tops. 

The flower girls with the big girls! Rachael was so gracious to hold Juney girl through all the pictures.  Jaylie was a little overwhelmed but was totally fine as long as Ray Ray would hold her.  

Ring Bearers with the big boys.  Quinn is killin' me with his hands in his pockets. Since when is he a grown man??!!!?

The wedding was inside one of our friend's barn and was SUCH a neat place for a wedding. It was the perfect mix of vintage, chic/real working barn.  I don't have many pictures of the inside but Rach and her friends and family did a great job! 

Our attempt at a family picture.  And further proof that our kids still don't know how to take a picture. 

OOOOOOHHHH but they do! Too bad we were jumping around like apes to get these smiles.  

Juney got a little nervous before they all walked down the isle. All she needed was a little lovin' from Uncle Tye.  The kids were so cute! They all walked down the isle together.  Kanyon did great in his walker over the saw dust! 

Here are the Phillips girls.  The 3 not in the matching dresses are Kory's aunt's daughters.  So I guess that makes them Kory's first cousins. They've been on the blog before....We love the Hansemanns! 

Speaking of my worlds crossing AGAIN! Tye's good friend Drew married a fun college friend of mine, Amanda.  We were in club together and played all the sports together. We have so many memories together and it was SO MUCH FUN being with her again.  She's exactly the same and I LOVE IT!!  

Me and Andrew again! 

The only picture I got with the bride and groom! We sure love Rachael and are soooo happy to have her officially in the family. (and further confuse my kids who have 2 uncle Clints, now they have 2 aunt Rachaels!) 

To say that Jaylie June loves "Ray Ray" would be a total understatement. Rachael has been so good to us and our kids from the day we met her.  Just ONE of the MANY great things about her!!!  
Happy Wedding!!!!  


martha crockett said...

Isn't it great that the world is so small when it comes to mutual college friends? I think that is so neat. Your kids are adorable, and ranch life certainly seems to agree with you all!!!
Much love sent your way!

Kate said...

I'm late to this post but I love the pictures! Your kids are so cute. I feel like a girls trip to Montana needs to be in the works sometime soon.