Monday, December 15, 2014

October/November Randomness

Our town has great walking trails all around town.  While the weather was nice we spent lots of time on them. One stretch of the trail runs alongside an old, no-longer-in-use rail road tracks.  Q an j taking a stroll down the tracks.  

Sometimes she just FORCES me to take her picture. 

This was one of my first times to give her pigtails.  She was feelin' the sass.  

Waving to Mom as she heads off to gather some cows....


She's such a little Mommy.  I love watching her with her babies. 

The leaves were out of control in our yard, sidewalk, EVERYWHERE! 

And this would be Kanyon's school picture where he decided to look 13 years old. 
I have titled it #lifetouchswag

We went with Gram to the little Amish grocery store....they have ICE CREAM! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again....She's cray. 

 Our Jack-O-Lantern!! 

We are working on getting a small group started at our church.  This was our first meeting and we had fun carving pumpkins! 

klp and I had to go to Billings for a Dr. appointment.  When we got to the waiting room Peter Pan was playing on their TV. As you can tell by the blurriness of this picture, he was VERY excited!!! 

One of the places we had to go that day in Billings was back to the eye Dr. to pick up his new glasses!

Just a pretty tree in town by the walking trail. 

Miss Pigtails swinging

This happens in church and it will never get old.  My arm and leg may fall asleep but its totally worth the sleepy snuggles. 

I posted this on instagram.  I just wanted to make sure no one every accused me of only posting our most flattering and intelligent looking pictures.  ha! 

And we'll end with this bit of humor...Quinn playing in the shop at the ranch.....welding helmet and a lawn mower 

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