Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 31-special request

About noon today they are going to try to take Kanyon off the vent again and put him back on CPAP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for those little lungs to be ready! If he has to go back on the vent, they will have to give him some steroid medication. They try to avoid that because of the side effects, but the Dr. says it's better to get him off the respiratory assistance. SOOOO...just send up a few prayers for the little guy that he'll be ready for this and we won't have to worry about the medication!


Beck Boys said...

We are praying now.

Anonymous said...

saying a special prayer now!
those pictures from a couple of days ago are so precious! i just love his big biceps!!! im sure his daddy his proud!
hang in there!

love always
scott & christina moffitt

The McCarter Family said...

Praying as we speak! LOVE YOU!

Jr. & Christie Cox said...

Will have everyone I know do it for my little friend.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Kanyon. It was good seeing you! Peggy

LeJoy Dickens said...

You all don't know me, I live in La Porte, Texas right outside of Houston and I was sent you webpage to pray for your babies. You are in my prayers everyday and I check your site everyday as well! I had twins on Sept. 25, 2006 at 27weeks and we have been through a lot of stuff as well and a lot of the things you talk about with Kanyon is stuff that both our babies had to go through. The heart issue is not uncommon and both our babies had to have surgery to correct that. The medication was not an option here in Houston, so I really pray that the meds. work and Kanyon does not have to face that surgery. I pray for the caretakers that are caring for him as well.

Just a little insite of what we went through. Kayla our daughter weighed 2lbs 3.6oz at birth and spent just a little over 2 months in the hospital only having the PDA surgery. We almost lost her to Phnemonia as she had it twice, but by prayers and GOD she pulled through and fought hard and came home on December 7, 2006. Cooper (weighing 2lbs 4.6oz at birth) our little fighter had his PDA surgery and 3 days later had an ostomy placed as he had a small hole in his intestines so they did a temporary surgery and then 2 months later had a surgery to correct the intestines and has had no complications with that. During this time he fought 4 infections with the last one leading to Open Heart surgery in January to remove a blood clot from his right atrium that was completely block off. He finally came home from the hospital on Feb. 7, 2007. I never thought he was going to come home.

They both had brain bleeds, but they did eventually resolve and no complications from those. It sounds like Kanyon is doing very well right now and the Ventilator was also a roller coaster as ya'll are learning all of this.

ROP is something else they watch closely for in premature babies, so I'm not sure if you guys have made it to that point yet, but both our babies had mild to moderate ROP. It eventually resolved and no surgeries had to be done for that, but I wanted to let you know that it could possibly come up as they do more test for Kanyon.

The NICU is a very hard and difficult place to be and I understand a lot of what you are going through and I hope that my story can help you through this rough time you are all going through. There are lots of ups and downs, but they always get better, so stay encouraged.

Just remember to be there for each other and for Kanyon and know that there are many people praying for you all and your precious Kanyon!

Times will be hard, but GOD can pull you through them. Just hold on tight.

I have not ever suffered a loss of a child and I can not imagine what ya'll have been through, but we are all with you in pray and faith and just remember to be strong. You have a little angel watching over you both and Kanyon! Your moments with her were special and now GOD holds her close!

Prayers everyday! Thank you for allowing me to post this comment and I will continue to pray for all of you!

Take lots of pictures as well! It does go by quick and now it is hard to believe that they were ever that small.

God Bless!!!
LeJoy Dickens

If you ever need to talk or have any question you can email me.
my personal email is:

Stephanie Torresi said...

Continuing to pray.

Eldon & Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday, Kanyon......One month old!!! yea! I pray that your gift is strong lungs and a healed valve.......your birthday candle is burning in my house today.......we love you.....Eldon & Marilyn

Jenni said...

Just letting you know that Kanyon is still in my prayers everyday! The first thing I do is check this website everyday when I get home! Love you and can't wait to meet your precious boy someday!

Phil said...

I am praying for his respiratory system, and all the rest of him and his mom and dad.
Karol Edwards

Marianne said...

Praying for Kanyon to come off the vent and be breathing strongly! Thanks to LeJoy for sharing her story. Praying for you and Kory as you wait patiently.
Love you!



Anonymous said...

Sue and I just read your blog. We will add the breathing to our prayer list. I hope I will get to see you in Paris on Saturday. Thanks for the updates. We all keep y'all in our prayers and say thank you to God for all his improvements.

Sue and Lynda

Lindsey said...

I've been praying off and on ever since I read this post and just wanted to check in to see how he was doing. Will continue to pray specifically for that until we get an update! :)

Anonymous said...

Anxious to know how Kanyon is doing...knowing prayers continue in droves!
Hugs from the Bulls herd!
Derald, Lesa and Haley

Ashley said...

We will be praying! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I found your site by accident and I just couldn't stop reading, sorry. Your son Kanyon is beautiful, you and your family are in my prayers. God bless you.

Jaymie A.