Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I don't have much of an update yet today. This morning things were the same, they hadn't started his medicine yet. I'm sure they have by now, I'll know more soon. But, I took a few pictures yesterday and I thought everyone might enjoy seeing him!

Here he is with his eyes open!

And we're back to eyes closed, but he is giving everyone a thumbs up sign...letting us know everything is going to be OK!

His nurse Kathy wrote this note for him..they won't let him out of his bed to write on the board so she had to write while he dictated.

I'll write more when I have more info. Keep those prayers going!! They will work!! My dad has figured out a pretty good prayer....open his brain (so it will drain), close his heart, open his lungs, and keep his tummy going!! I guess that's it in a nutshell!


Rachel said...

Great job on the pictures! He is SO precious. I love the thumbs up sign and the sweet note from Kanyon. What a big boy he is! Of course we are still praying. We love y'all!

jeff said...

kanyon is so beautiful! please know that we are holding you all close in prayer! we love you, charlotte & jeff

Jole said...

Jaymie and Kory,
We love to see pictures. It is so good to see how he is doing and growing. We will keep praying and sending our thoughts to Him and Kanyon. We miss you and love you tons!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaymie,
Thanks for posting the pictures. Look at that hair! We're glad to see that he is growing. Keep the comments coming. We know that God has a plan that works. We love y'all.

Sue and Lynda

Kacy said...

Jaymes -
Love the new pics!!! We will echo and continue your dad's prayer. Love you.

Ashley said...

We will continue to keep him in our prayers! We love you!

Ashley Core Nelson

Anonymous said...

Dear Phillips Family,

Wow, he is so precious! I love the close-up pose. All of us at North Lamar are praying continuously. Everyone wants an update daily! Take care Kanyon, and keep on growing!
We love you all,
Lesa B and all the North Lamar staff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaymie, Kory, and Kanyon,
The prayer is cute and to the point. Good job Dad! Kanyon looks so cute. I love those precious pictures! I realize that Kanyon is on a rollercoaster ride, but the good seems to be out weighing the bad. Let's pray to keep it that way! I am so glad to hear from you, but let your sister in law know she did great keeping us informed and that we really appreciate it so much. You sound like you are doing pretty good. I can't wait to see you again. We all really miss you. Keep your chin up and get your rest because Kanyon is going to be so rested when he gets home that it will take all your energy plus to keep up with him. I know you can't wait for that day. Have a great evening.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Jaymie, I believe you are mistaken. Kanyon isn't giving thumbs up. That is an unmistakeable "Gig Em!". Thank you for the daily updates and adorable pictures. He is so very precious and we are praying without ceasing for all 3 of you. Your White Oak family misses you and are here if you need anything at all.
Love, Pam

Linda Ford said...

Jaymie: I love the pictures and the thumbs up is great! I love Jay's prayer and the simplicity of it. We will pray for those same words for Kanyon. We are amazed at your great faith. You and Kory are an inspiration to us all.

Love, Linda

Marianne said...

There is a children's song that I love named, "I Know where Angels sleep." I think I spy one sleeping in your sweet son! We echo Jay's prayer. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I sure like your dad's prayer. We will certaninly keep them coming. And we all know that truly prayer works. KT

Beck Boys said...

Those pictures are too sweet. He is really growing. We will continue to pray. I know that God is working - just look at how he is growing.

Laurie Frantz said...

We have been, and will continue to pray for sweet Kanyon!
Russell, Laurie, & Annaleigh Frantz
Mesquite, TX (friends of Hollee Ford)

Joshua said...

I will dictate the second picture for him: "Did you get your tickets to the gun show?"

Less than a month old and he's flexing, awesome!

Kyla Muns said...

I haven't left a message in a while and just wanted you to know that Alan and I are still praying for 'kan-the-man' and for y'all to have strength and peace as well. We have loved seeing the pictures of him! What a cutie!