Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Sweet family photos

Jaymie got to hold Kanyon for the first time this afternoon, and it was so good for both of them. Kanyon didn't say anything, but we think he enjoyed it. Kory and both grandmothers were there, and they took plenty of pictures. They used the kangaroo method where they let Jaymie put him inside her shirt against her skin so he would stay warm and close.

This picture below is from yesterday, and it was titled "cool guy". When they put him under the lights he has to wear shades to protect his eyes.


Anonymous said...

These photos made me cry! But w/ happiness! There is not a feeling in the world that describes holding your baby for the first time. We are still praying for you all. Praise the Lord that you had such a special moment today!

Loving Him,
Aimee Akin (I visited you w/ my little miracle, Abi!)
Jer. 29:11

Jennifer K said...

What amazing pictures!! I am so glad that you had this time to hold sweet Kanyon. Jaymie, you are absolutely beautiful and Kanyon is very handsome! What a precious family you have. Lots of love! Still praying...

Jennifer K

Anonymous said...

Oh beautiful! The pictures were wonderful to see. I can go to bed tonight with much happiness and joy in my heart. Prayer works. KT

Paige said...

GOD is so good! JOY! JOY! JOY! Seeing you hold your little one, and Kory right beside you! I know his turn will be next!

Felicia said...

Your smile is so beautiful and full of joy! Tears of joy come to my eyes while looking at these precious pictures. What a special moment to hold him for the very first time! I am reminded of how great He is for taking care of such a small little body. Our prayers continue to be with you. I love the sunglasses!

Felicia Woods

Felicia said...
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Anonymous said...

so precious... definitely crying now (this blog tends to do that!) Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Jaymie you are glowing in those pictures which is so great to see!

Love you guys!

JaceyBrooke said...

Jaymie & Kory
Im SO happy for you! I, like everyone else, started crying as soon as I saw these precious pictures! Baby Kanyon looks so happy and comfortable in your arms!! Kory you're next!! I am still praying for you guys everyday and for Kanyon that God would continue to strengthen him each day...and what a BIG eater he is...God Is SO GOOD!!! Keep GrOwInG Kanyon I can't wait to meet you! I love you guys!
---Jacey Brooke

P.S. Rachel thanks again for the updates!!! I love you!

Kristie Lee said...

Such sweet pictures! I am SO happy for you my heart is bursting!! Such a loved little baby! We're praying for Kanyon at every opportunity, even Kimberlynn who prays for HER Kanyon! :) Love you guys!
Kristie and Kimberlynn Lee

Blessed Assurances said...

I Love you guys! So glad to see you have a GOOD DAY! Blessings, blessings, blessings

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say we love you guys and are so happy you finally got to hold sweet Kanyon today.

Frank & Jenn

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such beautiful pictures for such a precious moment! You can tell you are naturals at this. Praise God for Kanyon's improvements and his special time with you today!!

Lots of love and prayers,

TexasNeals said...

Jaymie and Kory,
Our hearts have been aching for you through all of this, but today they are overflowing w/ joy!!! It is such a beautiful site to see a mother holding her baby. I can only imagine how amazing it felt to embrace your baby after having to wait for so many days. We will continue to lift you and precious Kanyon up in prayer.
Stacey and Billy Neal

EDS said...

WOW! I missed the earlier post, so I was totally shocked when the blog came up to see such precious pictures. I love Kanyon's little hand on Jaymie's skin...how sweet it is!
All I know is God must have an amazing story to tell through this fragile and priceless life!!!

So happy for you both and praying continually.

Jenni said...

I'm so happy!! My favorite is the 4th picture down.. Jaymie you look so happy. My heart is so content for you right now. Praise God! Y'all will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. On Sunday we had a special time of prayer during our church service and I was able to pray for y'all with two of the missionaries here in Santiago. Also, a prayer request will be in this week's bulletin for little Kanyon. Isn't it great to have a Christian family that covers the globe? Love you and praying for you!!

Jodi said...

Oh my GOODNESS that can't get any sweeter! Words absolutely cannot express my joy at seeing those precious pictures. He looks so comfy snugglin' with you, Jaymie! Thank you Lord for a GREAT day!

J-me, you inspire me. I look at your eyes in those pictures (especially that close up), and all I can think about is Proverbs 31. I pulled it out to read just now, and a few parts just speak "you" to me right now. Thank you for your faith, your smile, your friendship, your joy. I just love you so much, girl!

vs 10. She is far more precious than jewels.
vs 11. The heart of her husband trusts in her...
vs 17 She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong (to hold sweet Kanyon!)...
vs 25 Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the times to come.
vs 28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.
vs 29-30 "Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all." Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Clay & Maurine said...

I'm sitting here just crying... I can't think of anything sweeter than that. I love you.

Brandynn said...

Beautiful photos! I didn't realize just how small he is until seeing him in your arms.

You are blessed in so many ways, even in those little sunglasses. I was born nearly 35 years ago in an Air Force hospital and when I went under the bili lights, the nurses would just put tape across my eyes. My mom said each time they took off the tape, it would leave red rash marks and irritation.

She and an orderly fashioned a soft little cover to use instead, one that tied gently around my head. But the head nurse refused - it wasn't "protocol" - and insisted on the tape. That has been a lasting BAD memory for my mom. I've sent her this picture so she can see how it should've been.

I'm so thankful for all the many comforts little Kanyon is receiving!

"With your very own hands you formed me; now breathe your wisdom over me so I can understand you. When they see me waiting, expecting your Word, those who fear you will take heart and be glad. I can see now, God, that your decisions are right; your testing has taught me what's true and right.

Oh, love me—and right now!—hold me tight! just the way you promised. Now comfort me so I can live, really live; your revelation is the tune I dance to. Let the fast-talking tricksters be exposed as frauds; they tried to sell me a bill of goods, but I kept my mind fixed on your counsel.

Let those who fear you turn to me for evidence of your wise guidance. And let me live whole and holy, soul and body, so I can always walk with my head held high." Psalm 119:73-80, The Message

Robyn said...

So precious. Like everybody else, these pictures just brought tears as I looked and read. Jaymie and Kory, we are daily praying for Kanyon to grow strong and healthy and for both of y'all as this journey continues each day. Rachel, as usual, thanks so much for keeping everybody up to date!

Lynnie said...

Jaymie, precious Pea! You look radiant and Kory, well, you are THE MAN! I am so awed by God and the mercies He shows us every day. I'm going to try to sign my name to this - I am blogger challenged! Know that I've been praying for you all - my prayer time was 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and I prayed from Atlanta where your old cousin was participating in the Final Four. (I didn't play - I watched!)My prayer is that one day Kanyon will be doing the same thing! Hug & kisses! Lynnie

Anonymous said...

My heart and prayers go out to you for the loss of beautiful baby Jayde. I know she is one proud angel watching over her little brother. Your strength and courage and the amazing progress that Kanyon has made is truly a blessing to anyone who visits the blog. God is good all the time. Every picture posted here has brought made me cry. As a mother myself, I know the joy you felt today. I have prayed for your family every time ya'll cross my mind, which has been quite often. May the Lord continue to be your strength in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Thank you for the continued updates. Hopefully you will continue so we can watch this little one grow into a handsome young man. Just know that people in Paris are still praying and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

Jaymie...no words can express how amazing these pictures are! I am so amazed at what God can do! May God continue to bless your family!
Love in Christ,
Sarah (Gray) Brown

Marianne said...

Well, thanks for an early morning cry. I don't know if I can get "hold" of myself to go to work! Jaymie and Kory, he is SO precious. I know those must have been the sweetest snuggling moments ever! God is good. Your faces are radiant with love. We continue to pray for Kanyon's improving strength.
Love you!

Jana said...

Your smile says it all. We can really see just how tiny he is. We are praying for you guys. Sarah is home safe and sound.

Anne Kelt said...

Still praying....and still crying after seeing these pictures... What a blessing !
We love you,
The Kelts

The Rigoulots said...

How beautiful and special to get to hold and love on Kanyon! Jaymie and Kory-you are glowing in these pictures and it is so evident the love you have for Kanyon and the Lord. We continue to pray (along with all our seminary friends) for Kanyon's strength and health and for your continued faith and trust in the One who made him!!

The McCarter Family said...

Kanyon is so tiny and absolutely beautiful! His little features are perfect! I know you are so proud! You look so pretty - Jaymie (as always), but the motherly glow you have says so much for your strength and faith through all of this. We love you and are praying, praying, praying!

Courtney said...

These pictures immediately brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful for you to get to feel your baby, skin to skin! That little bit of touching and smelling his mommy probably did so much for all his little organs, etc. Hooray!

Rachel - Thanks again for posting!

Love, Courtney, Brandon, and Brady Foster

tleaf10 said...

You know I've got tears from seeing those pictures! You look great Jaymie and Kory! Man, Kanyon's so cute ... Kayden isn't too old for him, is she?
-Terri Lee

Anonymous said...

I was hoping there would be pictures of you holding Kanyon! You look great! And Kanyon is HANDSOME! What a wonderful day. God is Good! I'm excited for church tonight-to update the prayer list and have a praise for everyone to hear. Still praying and thinking you, Kory, Kanyon and the grandparents & all of the family. Love ya Jaymie-

Amy Porter said...

I have looked at these pictures over and over!! Both of your faces just say it all! It is so wonderful to see pictures of such a precious time for your family. There is truly nothing that describes that feeling of holding your baby in your arms for the first time! God is so good and is working miracles through your family! I love the pictures! We will definitely have to scrapbook those! :)
Love y'all!

Kristen Spencer said...

He is soooooo cute!!! You guys look so happy holding him, and I know that was an answered prayer in itself!! Where did Kanyon get his shades? I think I need a pair.

Phil said...

What a beautiful sight!
We love you and continue to liftyou up before the throne of grace.
Karol Edwards

Psalm 145:1-9
I will exalt you, my God the King;
I will praise your name for ever and ever.
Every day I will praise you
and extol your name for ever and ever.
Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
his greatness no one can fathom.
One generation will commend your works to another;
they will tell of your mighty acts.
They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty,
and I will meditate on your wonderful works.
They will tell of the power of your awesome works,
and I will proclaim your great deeds.
They will celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness.
The LORD is gracious and compassionate,
slow to anger and rich in love.
The LORD is good to all;
he has compassion on all he has made.

2 Samuel 22:32-34
For who is God besides the LORD ?
And who is the Rock except our God?
It is God who arms me with strength
and makes my way perfect.
He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
he enables me to stand on the heights.

1 Chronicles 16:34
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.

2 Corinthians 13:14
Korey, Jaymie, and Kanyon,
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Anonymous said...

What a AWESOME sight!!! That tiny little baby knows his MOMMA!! I am so excited for you. The look on y'all faces says it all. Kanyon is definitely a trooper! Y'all are such a precious couple. Thanks for sharing this sweet moment.
Christy Norton

Andy Luster said...

Kory and Jaymie,
I just wanted to drop you a note and make sure that you know that Mandy and I are praying for you, the Glenwood Youth Group is praying for you, and the entire Glenwood Church family is praying for you has been since all of this started. Blessed be the name of the Lord. We love you!

Andy Luster

jocelyn said...

What a wonderful sight! Jaymie, you are radiant in those pictures! Praise the Lord for Kanyon's continued progress! We continue to pray for you guys every day.

Much love,
The Wiebes

Jeanna Caldwell said...

What a blessing! Your pictures tell a story of love, faith, courage, and miracles. May God continue to watch over your family and bless you with blue skies and sunshine as you travel this journey with Kanyon.
Love, the Caldwell Crew
Jeanna,Mark,Chase,Casey,Emily,Camri,and Caden

Chelsea said...

Jaymie and Kory, he is precious! Oh my gosh, I just keep looking at the pictures and admiring the amazing little boy you guys have! And Jaymie, you are stunning. You look so beautiful and so happy! Thank you so much for posting these, I cant wait to see you. I love you guys so much and I will keep you in my prayers. Be strong today!

Love you, Chels

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How beautiful is that!!!
No words can describe the beauty.
Still in our prayers and thoughts.
Lisa Pullen

P.S. Jaymie,
Your little children in your class miss you soooooooooo much.
I am going to print these pixs and take to them today.

HaleyBulls said...

how precious! im so excited that you got to hold him! simply amazing! you guys are constantly in my thoughts and prayers..keep up the progress little guy! can't wait to meet you!!
love ya!

Anonymous said...

~The Phillips Family~
What precious, precious pictures! Nothing like hearing that momma's heartbeat. So glad to hear Kanyon is continuing to thrive! Glad to hear you got your staples out Jayme (what a booger those c-sections can be).
"For with God nothing shall be impossible."
-Luke 1:37
The Boutwell's-Shawn,Stephanie,Rylan,& Emmy

Anonymous said...

What a strong, beautiful little boy you have. Jessica was so excited to see the pictures. She told me, "Mom, Ms. Phillips looks pretty like always." I had to agree. We are continuing to pray for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I just keep looking at the pictures and praising God for that sweet little boy! It brings me such joy to see your sweet family. We have talked about these pictures all day at school! You are glowing, and we all know why! You're beautiful! And, so is that little guy you are holding. Thank you for the pictures! We love you guys!
Kym VB

Allison said...

Those pictures made my heart swell with joy for you! How wonderful that you got to hold your precious son.

My Ladies Class at RHCC is praying for you all!!

Love, Allison

Paul said...

It is 1:30 and I have already come back to your blog three times today to look at your new pictures.

The three of you all look so happy that it has brought joy to me all day.

Love you all!

erin faubus said...

I am sitting here with tears falling uncontrolably down my face after looking at those pictures. It is so sweet and so wonderful to see you holding Kanyon I just can't contain my emotion! We are praying every day and night for you all. Love you.

Krawl and Anra said...

How wonderful!! It is so great to see the three of you together. I am so glad that you were able to hold that sweet little boy. Love the pictures. We are praying that the progress continues.
The Beck's

Anonymous said...

Jaymie & Kory
How fearfully and Wonderfully Kanyon has been made! AS everyone else tears just keep coming full of Joy & Praise! What a mighty God we serve. I will hold these pictures in my mind always to be reminded of God's faithfullness. love you guys so much

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful, wonderful pictures!!! (Especially the full-length ones where you can really see how small he is - those will be awesome to look back on.) And, save one of your preemie diapers! When you are putting him in size 4, it will be amazing to go back and see what he used to wear!

We also picked one stuffed animal, and took pictures with it beside the kids. If you do that consistently, you can look back and really see how they grow in comparison.

Know that you are constantly in our prayers, and we are sooo excited that you got to hold him!


Audra said...

Jaymie, Kory, and Kanyon,
You have a beautiful family! Kanyon is so blessed to have such wonderful, strong, and faithful parents! I was so happy to hear about you holding Kanyon and the pictures were great; I know you were beside yourself with excitment! You look beautiful Jaymie. You too Kory:) We are praying for you all and know God answers prayers.
Love you!!
Michael, Audra, William, and Cade

Kelli said...

I have never seen a sweeter sight! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

So, so, so beautiful!!!!
We love you guys and are still lifting you up.

Monica Siklosi

Kate said...

It is wonderful to see your smiling face holding your sweet son! Such a beautiful sight!!

Anonymous said...

We just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family and little Kanyon. These are such sweet pictures!

Paul and Heather Pinson

Kristen said...

I will continue to pray! What a beautiful family you have! I will continue to pray for Kanyon and his strength! You are so pretty holding you precious boy~ :)

Kristen Cooper (Trout)

Cortni said...

BEAUTIFUL! I checked your blog before I left for school this morning, and it just made my day! After I got to school I looked at it again just to see these sweet pictures!

He is so precious, and what an amazing reminder of how we are so "fearfully and wonderfully made." His perfect fingers and toes, and his precious little nose. He is perfect!

Jaymie, your smile is radiant! I can't help but to smile seeing the joy on your face holding him.

We continue to pray for your sweet family!

Love...Cortni Henke

Sarah said...

Those pictures are so precious. He is a beautiful baby. Brought little tears to my eyes. I of course told myself to suck it up! I am so happy Kanyon is doing well. Y'all are always in my thoughts in prayers!

Love you!
Sarah Smith

Kacy said...

Praise God for His continued faithfulness! Love you!

Kat said...

Precious! Jaymie, you are a stunning mother. We serve a faithful Lord...still praying fervently for your family.

Clint and Kat

Laura Turner said...

These pictures are absolutely precious! They definately bring tears to my eyes. It makes my heart so happy to hear how much better he is! I can't wait to meet him! All three of you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!
Laura Turner

Mayhem & Miracles said...

I recently discovered your story through your cousin' blog, Blessed Assurances, where she has asked for prayer for your family and through another friend of mine, who didn't even know your cousin! God is just reaching all sorts of us to pray for you. Your family is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I don't think I have ever seen such a tiny little guy before. It is obvious he is well cared for and loved (I know your cousin does). I am so happy for you that Kanyon is doing better and better. Please know I also pray for the loss of your daughter. I can't imagine the mix of emotions. God bless you each day of your journey. Nikki in Oklahoma

Mark Wiebe said...

These are really beautiful pictures. We're so happy to see that boy hugging his mama. We're keeping you all in our prayers during this time. You guys make great parents.

ewall said...


These pictures are so beautiful, and that smile on your face, J-me, it is stunning.

My eyes are filled with tears and my face with a smile!

Praying and rejoicing with you--

Anonymous said...

We miss you. I can't wait to see you. I think the cool guy pic is funny. Love, Alex 2ND Grade

Ashley said...

PRECIOUS PICTURES! I am so thankful you got to hold your little buddy

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Kory----Let me be visitor 17,253!!! And I can't tell you how precious those photos are and how thankful I am for you sharing Kanyon with all who love you and your families! I pray daily for his strength and how blessed he is to be part of such an amazing family, both on earth and in heaven.
Much love,
Derald, Lesa and Haley

Hinebauch's said...

Kory, Jaymie, and Kanyon - If no one else from Nebraska has responded yet - go ahead and color it in - God is hearing prayers on your behalf from this state too! How precious to see the pictures of all of you together! Seeing those pictures and with the Resurrection season upon us, the words of "Because He Lives" keep running through my head:

How sweet to hold a newborn baby
And feel the pride and joy he gives
But greater still The calm assurance
This child can face uncertain days
Because He lives!
Because He lives I can face tomorrow
Because He lives all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because He lives!

Thank you for the website and updates - how wonderful to share in the privilege of praying with others around the globe!
In Him, Lyle, Caryn:), and Jared Hinebauch

Andra Fleming said...

Jaymie, I'm so happy for you today! Thanks so much for sharing these special pictures. His little face is adorable and you are just radiant!!
Smiling and still praying for you and yours,
Andra Fleming

Anonymous said...

Jaymie & Kory,

Even though I haven't known you very long, you and your babies have touched me deeply. It's obvious that you live for the Lord... and He lives in you. How blessed you are to be chosen by God to touch the hearts, lives, and souls of literally THOUSANDS of people. Thank you for letting Him work through you!!

Krista said...

That is so awesome! I know that was a great feeling. He is so tiny and precious! Still Praying.

Kellee said...

Neither of you know me, but I went to ACU and am friends with Katie Mitchen and she told me your story and I've been keeping up with it through this blog. I am amazed by your faith and strength and your little boy is absolutely precious--what a miracle!! I'm praying for your family and look forward to seeing your little man continue to grow.
-Kellee Shoemaker

Anonymous said...

I posted on an older thread yesterday before I saw these pics! I had to come back today and let you know that we are praying for you, Mt son and daughter( 5 and 3) are praying for their "new freind Kanyon". We were told of your story through the church of Christ Homeschoolers yahoo group and wanted you to know that we are praying for you in Oregon!
Lynda Sander