Saturday, February 13, 2010

While we were sick...

When I was pregnant with Quinn, I only bought one outfit because they all seemed to sissy if it was a boy. This brown and cream one is the only one that I liked. AND when I found out I was pregnant with him, we bought this hippo to keep on our bed. I did the same thing with the twins. I just liked having someTHING to look at to remind me of them. So here is Quinn with the 2 things we bought anticipating his arrival!

Last Sunday my awesome AWESOME TOTALLY AWESOME church gave us a shower. It was so fun and everyone was too generous. Seriously, it made my stomach hurt because I felt guilty! This is not actually at the shower, but it is right after. Quinn stayed behind the safety of the office glass so people could see him but he wasn't around all those germs. Little did I know, RSV was incubating in his little body.
Both boys had to have breathing treatments. It actually worked pretty well with klp. I was worried because I knew there was NO WAY we were getting that mask on his face (remember, he has aversion issues BIG TIME). Turns out his curiosity paid off. He was so curious as to what it was that he placed his face right in it. We didn't give him too many treatments so the new never wore off. He was a great patient. He even sat still and let us wipe his nose.
Before it hit qsp too hard, we were able to get a few smiles. Notice his watery eyes.

Can you tell he's sick??!!
bambino burrito bundle on our bed

In my 2 month post I mentioned that I can't ever get a picture to look like qsp. Well, this one is pretty close.

I was trying to get a picture of him in this blue outfit because its the exact color of his eyes.....

But my sicky boy just kept sneezing!

He has been introduced to the bandanna to hold and carry. Seeing him with his thummy (that's pacifier in our house) reminds me. THIS KID CAN NOT FIGURE THAT THING OUT!!! I don't know what his deal is, but its like it totally blows his mind. Sometimes he catches it right and sucks away, other times he gags, and other times he pops it out. When we give it to him, it always takes a while before we can let go of it because it takes him a while to get in the groove with it. Kinda funny. We've tried other kinds and this one is our best option. Don't know if he'll ever figure it out or if he just won't be a thummy kid.

And the hero, rock star, life saver, work horse....MY MOM! She was HUGE help when everyone was sick...we could be one on one with the boys. She had klp I had qsp. Then she left for the weekend and came back Monday to help me clean, disinfect, wash sheets/blankets, etc. and just kind of get my feet on the ground after a LONG week. She is the only one that never got RSV symptoms. I still have a runny nose. Its amazing that she didn't catch it because klp coughed ALL OVER HER ALL WEEK!!! THANKS MOM!
(sorry the lighting on this pics is weird. Not sure what happened)

We're glad to be up and running again here. Thanks for your prayers for us.


The McCarter Family said...

Still reading all your posts although I seldom comment anymore! I think Mr. Quinn looks soooo much like you!!! You are such an awesome mommy and you have such an awesome mommy yourself! Great is thy faithfulness!

Jodi said...

You're a blogging fool!! :) Love it!

Your sweet Mama... what would we do without our Mamas?!?!?!

Love all the preggo pics... you look GORGEOUS and the boots theme is beyond precious.

Glad you are all getting WELL and over this particular storm. Man, that is ROUGH.

One last thing... Brooklyn had a rough time with her paci too. My personal opinion is that it is a reflux issue, but who knows. I remember in the car trying to give it to her while I drove... "Brooklyn TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT!" and getting so frustrated! Anyways, I bet he gets it. B now won't give hers up!!!

Marianne said...

Love your boots!!! Glad you are all better. I'm so sorry you have all been sick. And, I know you know, but just as a reminder: YOUR MOM IS THE BEST!!!

Quinn is so sweet. klp cracks me up with his nebulizer treatment. Curiosity was a life-saver on that. And, "thummys" are great, but think of the $$ saved if he decided it's just not for him. haha

Love you

Sarah said...

I gave you a Beautiful Blogger Award! I love reading about your family and seeing pictures of your precious boys.
Come by my blog and get your Award Thingy if you want to put it on your blog.
Thanks for writing such a great blog.

erin f. said...

Glad everyone is better around your house! You look just beautiful in that picture of you holding Quinn!