Saturday, February 6, 2010

RSV Update

I've been meaning to update, but....well....I've had 2 sick kids. Kanyon is MUCH better. Other than a pretty steady stream of snot out of his nose and a lingering congested cough, he's feeling like his normal self again. He had 2 bad days Tuesday and Wednesday, but started improving Thursday and was pretty normal by yesterday. He was a very very sick boy, but we are proud of his lungs! They have stayed clear!

Quinn was a few days behind Kanyon and had his worst days Thursday and Friday. I took him back to the Dr. because I was hearing some crinkling in his breathing and he was "pulling" a little while he was breathing. The Dr. gave us an antibiotic (preventative in case of pneumonia) and an oral steroid. I can't believe my tiny 2 month old is having to have all of this medicine, but we're thankful for anything that helps. As of today, I think he's starting to feel better. He is actually opening his eyes, his breathing sounds much more clear, and he's eating better. He was SOOOOOOOO sick Thursday and Friday. It was horrible. His breathing was shallow and he was pitiful, he didn't want to eat, and his voice was gone he was so hoarse. We've slept in the recliner the last 2 nights with the humidifier right near us. I sat him down in his swing today to change clothes and he stayed in the swing for about 10 min. That is the longest he's been out of my arms in 3 days. He would just start coughing if he wasn't upright. He still has a nasty cough and he's for sure not over it, but I do think we're on the downhill slide.

My mom was able to stay all week and there is NO WAY I could've made it through this week by myself. NO. WAY. We've done lots of laundry and we're about to start the decontamination process in the house. We will Clorox EVERY surface and toy in this house. Our Dr. told us the bad thing (among other things) about this RSV business is that you don't build up immunities against it so you can get it over and over.

Not sure when the boys will be able to be around other kids. Kory and I still have it as well, so for now, we're hiding out at our house! Thanks for your prayers for the boys (and us taking care of them!). We're hoping we're DONE with this!


Sarah said...

I do hope you all feel better very fast! So sad to hear that Quinn was so sick.

sharon said...

oh, jaymie. i cannot imagine! all 3 of us had a stomach virus last week, and i thought the world was ending! i know you hate to see your boys so sick. prayers for quick recoveries and healthy weeks ahead! love you!

erin f. said...

Oh my, I am so sorry that you are going through all of that. My baby has been sick too, we ended up in the ER with her on friday night, her fever was 102 scared me to death. She just has a really bad upper respiratory infection but it wasn't rsv. Whatever it is she has had it for a week now, it is absolutely horrible to have a sick child, I'm so sorry that you've had two!

Sydni said...

I really appreciate the update. Thank you! The word "decontamination" brings back not-long-ago flashes of when I was Cloroxing the items in my purse.... along with every knob, surface, etc. of our entire house. Not fun... (but I'd take pink-eye over RSV any day and I can hardly believe I am saying that because I thought pink-eye was B-A-D)! It's especially disheartening to hear that one can just keep on getting RSV! I did not know that. ARGH!! Well, we'll just add that to our prayers that it does NOT COME BACK!