Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quinn is 2 months old!

First things first, I never posted his 1 month pics. We were still in Paris so I didn't have our basketball, but I did have the onesie. I bought a big onesie that I will take his picture in every month to watch him grow into it. Should be fun. I have a sneaky suspicion that we won't be able to button it by the time he's a year old!

He lost his sock and I guess it made him sleepy!

I'm diggin' the old school onesie
Here he is on his 2 month birthday. For whatever reason he was NOT happy about being on his back. I tried and tried and this was all I got.

A little happier sitting up in the chair

So...a few things about this 2nd month.
He grew eyebrows and eyelashes. He had NO eyebrows when he was born and all of a sudden he does now and they're brown. His eyelashes seemed short at first and I was sad he wasn't going to have Kanyon's massively long and thick eyelashes. BUT they have hit a growth spurt. We'll see what happens.
We got a his first real smile a few weeks ago. He's still pretty stingy with them, and the light on the camera puts him in a trance so I can hardly get a pic of him smiling.
He is still super gassy and fussy when eating. So, it is unlikely that it has anything to do with my dairy intake since I've been off of it for almost 3 weeks. I'm not so sad about this since that means I can start eating it again. I'm going to give it a full 3 weeks and then start back a little at a time and make sure. I talked to his Dr. about it and I think we are going to try him on Prevacid once we're done with our antibiotics from our sickness. I hate to resort to the meds, but the eating is NOT good for him (or me) and even though his weight gain is good (hence the chub rolls) something isn't right with him. Hopefully this will help or he'll outgrow the issue.
I feel like if you've only seen pictures of q man you don't really know what he looks like. For some reason, when I take a picture I NEVER think it looks like him. I think more of his hair shows up than you see in real life and it looks more read. I don't know, but I don't think I have a picture yet that I feel like really looks like him. Interesting. Or not.
He kicked RSV's booty. It wasn't pretty, but we seem to have beat it. I'm so so thankful. And after our follow up with the Dr. today, we're thinking about keeping the boys pretty much "in" for the next few weeks. Our doc suggested that and said that RSV is still really bad and we DO NOT want to go through this again.
He still eats every 3 hours, sometimes he's ready before that. At night he might go one stretch of 4 hours, but thats it. I also think I'm creating a night owl monster again. What is my deal? klp was the same way. WIDE awake from about 9-11 or 12 (then they want to sleep the morning away). We're trying to wind him down sooner, but it will take some time I guess.
2 month stats:
Weight: 12 lb. 15 oz. 75th percentile....(thats a Phillips Phamily first...75th...FATTY!!)
Length: 23 1/4 in. 50th
head: 50th
We are thankful for our 2 month old baby boy!


Holly said...

Yay for "fatty" healthy babies!! We are soooo happy for you. I can't believe its been 2 months already, wow!! And I LOVE the onesie idea. What a neat thing to do. I especially love that it has his name on it. Too cute!

sharon said...

what a chunky cutie! i always felt like that with merit about the pictures not looking like her in the beginning. Hmm. I say, interesting. :)

So glad everyone is well at your house. Can it just be spring already??

erin f. said...

Pictures never do our cute little babies justice! Well I've seen him in real life, although he has probably changed into a completely different baby by now, and he is precious beyond words. Holding him made me want a baby boy so bad!