Friday, February 12, 2010

Before Quinn was Quinn

Flashback here. I wanted Doodle to take some pictures of our family before we had the baby...ya know, just capture this time in our lives. I wanted to take them while I was still in the cute pregnant phase, not the HUGE phase. I missed it by about a week. We were in Dallas at Eating Camp and by the time we got back, I had eased my way into the HUGE category. And I realize the dress look doesn't help much. Its tent-like to only make me look bigger. BUT we had a theme and well, they just don't make maternity wranglers! :) So, here are several of the pics Doodle took for us.

(we removed the car keys from Kory's pocket after this set of pics)

prepare for your heart to least mine does:

klp is exploring his options as a professional model...he's already got the "staring off in the distance" pose:

And in true 2 year old fashion, klp decided he was DONE with the photo shoot. The looks on our faces aren't genuine shock. We were mocking him! :)

anger turns to sadness

sadness turns to RAGE
rage creeps its way back to calm and cuddly

And finally ends with a sweet smile! (but hangs on to the rebellion....he wouldn't look at the camera)

Its fun to look at these picture and know Quinn was there, but we had no idea exactly who he was. The anticipation was fun, but holding him is WAAAAAY better!


sharon said...

i LOVE them!! and i especially love that sweet little daisy. doodle did such a great job!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

These are SO great! I love the sequence of klp's emotions at the end. Too funny!

Holly said...

These are amazing pictures Jaymie!! I love them. What a beautiful family you guys are!!

annalee said...

you are such a beautiful family!

Sydni said...

Doodle might as well go ahead and call herself a professional (if she doesn't already)! That one of Kanyon's whole body between the boots is just to die for. Oh, my. I am so proud of you for doing that, but then if I had looked like you I guess I would have been willing to do something like that... as it is, being 8 or so inches shorter just doesn't jive with a pregnant photo session, at least not for me. Eeesh. I mean, I didn't even want to go get the mail and be seen!

Now I can't wait for your next family photos w/ Quinn born! Yay!

Kate said...

I love your pictures! Y'all are such a cute family, and you look adorable pregnant!

Rebekah said...

Sooooo cute, Jaymie!! All four (including Quinn) of you should go into the modeling business!

erin f. said...

How did I miss this? What sweet pictures! And you do not look larger than life! You look so great!