Sunday, August 28, 2011

AAAAAAND this is gonna be RANDOM

Can you tell I'm trying to get caught up on blogging?  Well, this is the last one I'm catching up with so its a potpourri of pictures from the last couple of months.  

This was a LOUD idea Kanyon had.  He was pushing the popper (LOUD) while cruising on his dump truck pushing the buttons on it that honk (LOUD) and make truck noises (LOUD).  All in the hallway with a tile floor....lots of echo (LOUD). He didn't seem to be bothered by the noise.  

This is a funny pic because it looks like klp is running at full speed.  Really Dad was just working overtime trying to hold klp up and keep the wagon moving so klp could "pull" Bubba.  

Can you say COOL? 

The boy loves hot sauce.  We ate at a a mexican place by our house one night and he was KILLIN' the hot sauce.  SHEESH! 

Headed to CDR with the Rotzlers.  Chandler held her own back there with the rowdy boys! 

I just really think this pictures is so sweet.  Glad I snapped it when I did because q isn't occupied with "writing" (as klp calls it) for as long as his big brother is. He just wants to do it because he sees klp doing it, but that only lasts about 10 seconds.  They were both busy for a few seconds and I'm glad I caught this little moment. 

I think klp was a little disappointed in this box.  He wanted it to be big enough for him to scoot inside it....instead he had to army crawl in and he couldn't turn around once he got in there. haha! 

just a little Brother pic...

The boys have been really in to eating cereal lately.  Even klp who isn't a breakfast eater will eat it. Its kinda cute.  

Why are Sunday School pictures SOOOO ADORABLE??!!  mine are the first 2 boys from the left.  Mrs. Patti is the ANGEL who teaches them every sunday and every wednesday.  I really mean angel.  And yes, Kanyon is still in the nursery.  It goes up to 2, but he didn't start til he was 2.  Its still the best place for him.  He is happy, engaged, and learning at the perfect level for him right now.   I think moving him up would put him way above what he's ready for.  I think he will outgrow this class soon enough and then we'll decide how we're gonna place him at church...either with kids his age or with kids at more of his developmental age. We'll just see where he is then. Until then, he's still living the good life as the reigning king of the nursery.  

Mule ride in Paris.  CHEESE from Kanyon! 

and CHEESE from Quinn!  

Takin my boys for a spin! 

klp cuddling with his GREAT Aunt Mary Lynn 

Our GREAT friends Trent and Karessa, and their sweet baby Paisley moved a month or so ago.  We were very VERY sad to see them go.  The weekend before they moved, we had them and the Gibbons over.  The Gibbons brought their Rock Band game and we had a BLAST!  

Q on the drums....

Peyton rockin' out!

Trent on the guitar and little Paisley chillin' on his shoulders

Oh man we were LAUGHING SO HARD!!  Jordan was hilarious....the whole thing was just hilarious. Karessa was bringing the house down with her vocals! 

Paisley girl got her turn to rock out too!! 

Trent wins the award for the most talented because he was playing the drums while klp "helped" him.  Impressive.  and really nice. 


Kanyon giving Peyton and squeeze! 


Here we are all normal and sweet.  

...and here we are after a night of ROCK! Trent and Karessa, we hope you find other weird friends like us in Oklahoma!!!  

klp lookin sweet standing up against the couch.  (notice q with the novel in the background...i'm tellin' ya, he loves big books!) 

I was trying to get him to look at me, so I said, "Hey! Look at my nose!!!" and this is what I got.....he touched HIS nose!  He was so proud.  

Our church office got the boys pillow pets when klp got home from Dallas.  They have had lots of fun with them.  klp climbs up on it and then it "bucks him off" and dies laughing.  He's quite the Turtle Cowboy.

Our sweet friends Kinsey went to college! She's in our youth group at church and we've enjoyed her so much over the past several years.  My kids love her!! So do I!  She went on a trip to South America this summer and brought the boys back some really cool soccer jerseys!!  We miss her, but we know she's gonna be a great Aggie! 


Pam said...

Great pictures Jaymie! Looks like Peyton and Jordan are missing something in you'lls group a baby!

peyton said...

Ha ha mom real funny...I got to hug on kanyon this morning at church...he is sooo sweet!

KParish said...

Love love love love love. You've got to upload the video of Kory singing!