Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Out of surgery

He is out. I'm in recovery with him until they are ready to take us back to our room. He's pretty fussy but we have been watching Michael Jordan videos on YouTube to help distract him. Thanks MJ.

Not sure what tonight will look like so keep us in your prayers (in your dreams I guess).

Thanks again Phillips Phamily Phollowers!!!

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martha crockett said...

I still can't believe he had to go ALL DAY with no food or WATER! That's just wrong. Hope you had a restful night, and things are going well this morning.
Thanks for keeping us informed. I love to hear what's happening hour by hour!
Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good news! I hope that yall had a peaceful night. Maybe even that he got to drink a milk shake or something...I know the boy must be hungry! I know, it's not all about food. Yall take care. Vicky P

Jodi said...

Hoping today was restful!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

I asked my almost 17 year old daughter if she was ready to donate blood and she said, "No, I really feel motivated to." So I told her about Kanyon and showed her some of his adorable pictures. Now she said she will donate blood the next time I donate.

Thank you for sharing your amazing little guy(s) with us.

Ashley said...

Hope you guys have a peaceful night! praying for you!
Ashley Core Nelson

Marianne said...

Hope your day went well. Missed all the excitement yesterday as we were traveling home from Emily's. SO thankful for all the progress he has made and am giggling with you over the news of "let's just wait a little while before we go back to school!!" That's cool! Praying you are going home soon. Love you.