Friday, August 26, 2011

Trying to Beat the Heat

It has been a TERRIBLY HOT summer!!!! I usually don't mind the heat too doesn't usually stop me from doing what I want to do. But this summer has been a different story.  There has been NO RELIEF.  So, we've done a few things to try and beat the heat the best we can! 

This was my mom's idea one day when she was here. They "painted" the doghouse and the sidewalk. They loved it! 

Oh man this picture kills me.  Every now and then, klp's eyes get a little confused and aren't sure where to go.  I caught this one right in the middle of one of those "confused" moments!! :) He was so excited to show me his paint brush! 

This water table has saved us this summer.  They play in it almost every day.  


klp isn't much of a fan, but Q loves them. I just mix plain yogurt, fruit, and a little juice and he gobbles it up.  Before you go feeling sorry for this crying boy.....

you'll see that he turned off the tears.  He can flip the switch pretty quick....when he wants to.  I probably said something like, "You have to quite crying before you can have more popsicle"and BOOM no more tears....anything for more food! 

 Me and GREAT Aunt Mary Lynn went to get a snow cone one night.  It was a fun summertime outing.  This pic looks like q might've been sneaking a sip of ML's snow cone while she wasn't looking.  

You can tell she'sexperienced! I guess I wasn't much help sitting there taking pictures while she juggled snow cones! 

The surprise of the night was that klp liked it!  He's tried them before and wasn't at all interested.  He's not really big on sweet stuff.  But, he eventually started tasting and ended up liking it!  The proof is on the face... (seriously. When will the kid learn to OPEN his eyes when he says "cheese!") 

It should come as no surprise that this guy had NO TROUBLE eating his snow cone (and anyone else's).  

serious klp showing me his face 

I spent a few days in Paris a few weeks ago (the week before klp got sick) and we went swimming at Club Kerby a couple of times.

We decided that Nolan needs to be the new spokesmodel for the Kerby's pool.  Doesn't this make you want to swim there!!!

My little cautions Quinn boy is finally warming up to the water.  He used to freak out and cling to be like there was no tomorrow.  But now he doesn't freak.  I'd say he tolerates it.  He doesn't love it, and he keeps his leg or arm wrapped around whoever is holding him, and does fine.  He also digs sunglasses.  I dig him in sunglasses.  

This boy is a water bug!!!  Last summer, he still couldn't balance in his puddle jumpers, so we had to always be holding him or else he would fall forward and couldn't keep his head out of the water.  He was still that way at the beginning of the summer. BUT after a few times in the pool, the boys is all over the place. He kicks and uses his arms (we have to "remind" him to use his left arm) but he does so great. I am SOOOO PROUD of him. My heart just soars when I watch him.  He loves it so much and I'm so happy he can do it.  I think we'll get another floating thing because the puddle jumpers restrict his arms and since he already has a hard time using both arms, we want to free them up as much as possible.  I really think he'll learn to swim one of these days!

He is laughing and smiling so much in the water, we have to remind him to close his mouth so he doesn't swallow too much water!

He got such a kick out of pretending he was asleep on the float.  Aunt Rachel was pulling him around and he was dying laughing (not too good at pretending to be asleep)

I think Landry is responsible for Gay Gay's sunglasses!! :)  Q and Nolan stayed close.....she had the Cheetos!!

I think it goes without saying that while the cool snacks and fun water are great, we are ready to be able to be outside without melting in the heat!

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