Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Afternoon Pick Me Up

We have had a good day today!  We had a bit of a long night with nurses in and out doing transfusions and changing IV's, but the day has been much nicer.  We found out this morning that his platelet count DOUBLED!!  This is the number we have been waiting on.  They say that it is the first number to indicate a turn around.  We had another transfusion this moring so I'm curious to see how he "hangs on" to these red blood cells.  The Dr. said hopefully this means we are off the plateau and headed UP! I still think it will be time time time, but at least we are moving.   His other blood numbers were low (hence the transfusions) but his kidney numbers continue to improve.  After sleeping most of the morning, he has really perked up this afternoon.  He watched some videos that RoRo and Nolan sent him of them talking to him and he started chattering (sickly).  He's been awake for about 2 hours (longest stretch so far) and is talking some.  My parents and Quinn just got here so I am THRILLED to have both of my babies in the same room.  :)  Today is the first day that I feel like we see a visible difference in how Kanyon feels.  It warms my heart so much to hear him try to talk even though its weak and tired, its so great to hear that voice.  We have today off of dialysis but will most likely do another dialysis tomorrow unless his numbers are way way good.  We will hopefully go every other day from here on out.  Its nice to feel like there is improvement, all be it small, in his energy today. 

Our room is now professionally decorated by the interior designers of the Alpine Church of Christ High Schoolers!! They made tons of AWESOME signs to hang in Kanyon's room and they are so great!!!  We love those kids so much and really miss them...I know Kanyon does too.  They are some of his biggest fans and made us so happy with these fun signs! :) 

Here is a pic of klp resting in his Great Aunt Freida's lap last night........contemplating.....

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Rachel said...

Sweet boy! That picture is heartbreaking. I'm glad he got the videos. We have more to send. I'm so glad he had a better day today and we can't wait to see that boy back to his normal wild self. Love you guys!