Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lots and Lots of Quinn

It's kind of been Kanyon overload here on the blog, so here we go with LOTS OF QUINN! 

He LOVES baseball.  LOVES IT.  klp got this blue bat for his birthday and it is by far one of q's favorite toys.  Funny how that whole brother-having-a-birthday-thing works. 

He is very intense about his game

and he's quite the pitcher!

It really does make him so happy to get to swing the bat and try to hit the ball.  He tries to throw the ball up and hit it with his bat.  Comedy. Oh man, he tries so hard and his timing is so so so off.  But he is quite proud of his skills.  Here's a little clip of him "batting" 

Probably yelling "Baaaa" for "bat" 

This is proof that KLP is a way better parent than me. I don't let q get near any part of me with that bat in his hand.  KLP is not afraid.  

Seriously, we need to get the kid a tee and save his daddy's hands! 

A little help from dad throwing and hitting. 

If qsp had it his way, he'd have a bat in each hand....

but he doesn't always have it his way.  Sometimes he has to share ONE bat with his brother....and it ain't pretty....

He gets a kick out of standing in front of the fan.  I get a kick out of his belly.  

He cuddled up with one of KLP's shirts one day


I really don't think Quinn is much of a climber compared to the kids who are full on "climbers". But he's the biggest climber I've ever had.  I'm new at this, so I have to keep a close eye on the little monkey.....and by close eye, I mean a camera! 

He decided to do a little creative writing while he was standing on the stool.  Bad boy.  

The creativity and fun ended pretty quick.  He was pretty disappointed and didn't seem to see the danger in it!! haha! 

wearing one of Daddy's Montana Grizzlies tshirts. I could gush here about how cute he looks in this picture, but I won't.  

My mom got him some flip flops last year on clearance.  They are his size this year, so he's been trying to wear them. But they blow. his. mind.  He is so intrigued and confused by them.  He walks funny and looks down at them the whole time.  

Fascinating.  Who knew??? 

Having a smoothie like his big brother.  He thinks he's big stuff when he gets to drink from a straw.  

Contrary to what the following photos show, he is actually quite good at feeding himself.  This day he was having a little too much fun with his yogurt and toast.

ROCK N ROLL eating face!! 

oh this look......he's holding out on me. I was trying to get him to smile.

All that eating sure makes a guy thirsty!  Really? The cup IN the bowl? 

The past few weeks he has been cracking us up with this little quirk.  He loves big thick books.  He will go find one in our room and sit and look at it for the longest time.  He will sometimes ask us so to read it but that usually doesn't last long.  He gets bored with parenting/religious books pretty quickly.  BUT it sure makes him look smart.  


and...finally.....someone pulled his pants up a LITTLE too high.  Oh well. Him and his Hummer didn't seem to mind.  

Yeah for Quinn! 

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Specks said...

What an absolute cutie pants! You do such a great job of taking so many pics to capture the daily moments... most of the time I have no idea where my phone or a camera is :).

I just read all of your Sick Story and there are just no words. Unbelievable that something like that is so rare and the Grand Kanyon got~ it kills me on so many different levels. My heart was also SO SAD that you guys missed your vacation away with friends. We have yet to have a "getaway weekend", but I can relate when Trav had weekend plans to attend a huge SEC football game with his cousin (who is like a brother that he rarely sees) 3 years ago and B ended up in the hospital that weekend with a virus that led to the he missed the game. No fun.

I send SO many hugs and love to you all~ you are one incredible mommy and Kanyon's little face just continues to melt my heart to pieces.