Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Fun

We enjoyed a fun Friday night with my parents, KLP's mom, and BOTH of our boys!  Kanyon perked up, as you saw in the video.  Susan took Q to her sister's house in Garland to spend the night while my parents, Aunt Nancye, and Claire stayed with klp so me and KLP could go eat.  We had a yummy meal and a nice time outside of the walls of the hospital.  I was not expecting to leave, so I had nothing but my "hospital attire" which consists of my best pajamas, bad hair, and no make up.  Oh well.  KLP stayed here at the hospital overnight so I could sleep in a bed at his Aunt and Uncle's where Quinn was.  It was nice to get good sleep and wake up to my little qsp. 

We have had a good day. klp had dialysis and a transfusion this morning and has done well all day.  He is playing more and talking more, though he's still pretty weak.  His blood numbers continue to improve and we expect his kidney numbers to look better tomorrow since he had dialysis today, but overall, they are better too.  The nurse tonight cleared us to take him outside in the stroller!  It was so nice to take him out to the courtyard of the hospital and let him get some fresh air.  It was a cool 96 degrees since we went at 10pm!!  He was NOT happy to come back in the hospital room.  We are thankful for the progress. I think we will be here at least another week or 2, but we think we might see a light at the end of this tunnell!

Thank you for all the prayers....keep em coming!! 

klp and KLP having fun with his Elmo balloon. 


Marianne said...

Oh, Jaymie, Kanyon looks SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I know you enjoyed your night with Quinn. Continuing to pray that every day brings improvement and brings you closer to going home!,

Specks said...

Kanyon, you are amazing~ that smile and squeal of yours is THE BEST! We are praying for you and are so thankful that your #'s are going up in the right direction. Hugs to you, sweet boy!

Michelle Hagler said...

This is so sweet! Love to see that precious smile! Still praying constatnly for you guys!