Monday, October 22, 2012

Camp Fern

Our friends the Rotzlers' family runs a camp near longview called Camp Fern.  Each summer they host our Sunday school party out there. Everyone can swim in the lake, ride the boat, tube, etc.  Its always a blast.  Well, due to rainy weather and a last minute reschedule, not many people could come.  In fact it was just 2 and a half families. Us, the Rotzlers, and the Venables (minus Dad Andy).  We had a GREAT day!  

I may or may not have gotten a little obsessed with how cute q looked in his life jacket....sorry.  

No matter how far away we get from all the eating trouble we had the first 3 years of klp's life, I will ALWAYS find great joy watching him CHOW DOWN.  

baby j basking in the sun...

Addie is usually scared of all things lake water, but she mustered up some courage to ride the tube with the little girls. 

KLP rode next so klp, our adrenaline junky, could have his turn.  (his brother was content in the boat)

I mean really?????? How sweet is this?

Meg found a cozy place in her mom's hand mid-burp

These sweet sweet kids had so much fun! 

I love Mabry's hands in this one....such a "lake" look. 

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