Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Friends Double Shower

I've said it a million times but I really do have the best, greatest, most fun, and thoughtful friends.  As much as Rebekah and I tried to talk them out of it, they insisted on having a shower for us after the babies were born (neither of us knew the gender til they were born).  So, Me and Jaylie and Rebekah and Meg had a fun night with our way too generous friends!  

My Mommy came in for the par-tay! 

We bought the girls matching dresses and had a friend make them matching headbands for the big event.  They looked so cute together!! I've also said this a million times, but I had so much fun being pregnant with Rebekah and having our babies 1 day a part.  I'm only slightly joking when I say they HAVE to be best friends! :)  

It was an ice cream sundae/coke float party.  So fun and Holly and the other girls made it look SOOOO CUTE.  It was the best.  There were J's and M's everywhere and 2 of everything. It was over the top great! 

I'm so sad we didn't get a picture with the hostesses and everyone else that was there.  It was such a great night! Thanks girls!!  

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