Friday, October 26, 2012

Jaylie's Adventures

Jaylie has managed to have some pretty good times the first couple of months of her life. 

Here she is laying on Daddy's chest having a good look at him.  

I layed her on my bed after I took the sheets off and she fell asleep.  What a sweet little view. 

Her cousin Ro Ro got to hold her! It was a happy moment for both! 

Aunt Rachel was at the hospital when she was born, but her kids were sick so she didn't want to hold Jaylie.  But FINALLY they were together! yay for Aunt Rachel! 

Rachel took these on her phone outside one evening. I just melt when I look at them.  

Here's what she REALLY thinks of Rachel...

Jaylie got to go on her first overnight trip.  klp had his yearly Neurosurgeon check up in Dallas so Rachel kept Quinn and Mom and I took klp and j to Dallas.  We spent the night with my cousins Robin and Jefff (bummed we didn't get a picture) and were up and at the hospital by 6:45am! YUCKY! 
Here's the 2 road warriors.....actually Jaylie did really bad traveling. We had to stop multiple times to get her calm.  Not cool.  At least I wasn't by myself.  Misery loves company right....thanks mom.  Kanyon on the other hand was his studly self.  He never bats an eye and handles it all so well.  He's a stud and he proved it again on this trip.  We even went shopping at the outlet malls when we were done at the Dr. and he was STILL a trooper. 

When we got back to Paris she had to have her first bath in Gay Gay's sink.

Bundle of cute.

Septmeber 28 she cracked her first smile.  

Hard to believe from looking at this picture...

but a second later, I got THIS! 

And ever since that day we've been annoying her to death making her smile over and over and over because its the best thing in the world.


Gay said...

Sweet, sweet pictures. Don't you let her fall off that bed! :)

Kelli said...

She is SO precious! I definitely see a little resemblance between her and her brothers, especially in that smile! Such a beautiful baby girl!

erin f. said...

She's so sweet I can't wait to see her and hold her again! And Brown wants to kiss and slobber on her (that's what he told me as I was typing this and tried to slobber on the computer)