Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jaylie June 2 Months

Our beady eyed baby is 2 months old!  Here's the "report". 
  • She's still got tummy trouble, but I think maybe its starting to get better.  
  • She sleeps til 2 am whether I feed her at 9pm or 11pm it seems like. So I like it when the timing of her eating ends up about 9, then I'm in bed a little sooner! :) I think she would sleep longer if her tummy would let her, she gets all gassy and it wakes her up.  
  • After her "long stretch" she's pretty much up every 2 hours and restless in between.  If I hold her she settles in better. Lately she's made it in her bassinet all night several times, so we're working our way to more sleep.  
  • I heard someone use the term "lap colic" to describe a baby that is fussy unless you're holding it. Ha ha, funny term.  Maybe she's lap colic at night. Oh well, its not too bad and we're all making it fine.  
  • She's by far my most explosive pooper, but rarely spits up.  
  • We weren't sure where she got her little turned up pug nose, but looking at baby pictures, we saw that I had the same nose as a newborn. 
  • She's still not sold on the pacifier, but will take it. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up finding fingers or her thumb.  
  • She's a good eater and seems like more of a comfort nurser than my others.  We'll see I guess. 
  • I don't think her eyes are going to be blue like her brothers.  
  • I'm pretty much obsessed with her.

She learned to smile a couple of weeks ago and she always wrinkles up her nose and opens her mouth. She still has to work pretty hard to remember how to smile, but it sure is cute.  

Boo!  She saw a ghost! 


Jodi said...

Oh. MY. Shoot, I'm obsessed with her too!!!! That smile, those EYES, that sweet nose :) , that turquoise color, that sweet smile... I COULD EAT HER UP! I think I may save that last picture on my computer so I can look at her whenever I want to.

Kelli said...

Jaymie, she is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful little girl! Sounds like you are having a blast and just eating her up, love it! :)

Rachel said...

She is so cute!! I think she is missing me, though. Can't wait to see y'all! This weekend, I guess?