Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Manly Men

Manly Men do manly things....

Like play with their trucks

and play with their trains.  Shirtless or in a box, both are VERY manly.  

Manly men have manly jobs like "being the trash guy".  {thats what q was saying when he was standing on the car like this.}

They wear manly outfits that show off their manly physique 

and accentuate their muscles.  

I'm glad I've got these men around to change the oil in my car.

all things automotive repair....

Manly men are attentive students (and patient teachers). 

Manly men get (and give) piggy back rides.

They don't do sissy things like smile at a camera, they give a tough look instead..

These guys aren't just tough and manly......While klp was playing with the trains, He said, "Mom!!! I see my "K"!!" I asked him where and he turned the train over and pointed to the "k" in duck.  Atta boy! 

What can I say....they can do it all!!

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Leah said...

Cute! And so creative! I love the trash man pic, ha!