Thursday, October 18, 2012

David and Goliath

Thanks to our little kid Bibles and the BILLION times "David and Goliath" has been requested, our boys are pretty much obsessed with this story.  They "be David and Goliath" all the time and ask us to "be" them too.  Any time Quinn is scared or "sees" something in a dark room or other *scary* place, I just say, "get him with your sling shot".  Works every time.  If David can kill Goliath with his sling shot, why can't Quinn get rid of a scary rabbit (true story) in his room.  They talk constantly about giants, though I'm not sure they really even know what they are.....  All that to say, they are very familiar and taken with the heroic story.

 Ok, on to the point of this post: Monday we had to go to the orthodics place to get klp's AFO's adjusted because they're rubbing his feet.  When the guy came in to see us, it was a different one that the one we usually see so klp said, "What he name?" The man said, "My name is David." Both boys seemed to freeze.  .  They didn't say much until the guy walked out to get some tools.  Quinn said, "Mom, whats his name? Goliath?" I said, "No, not Goliath.  His name is David."  They both sat there with the wheels visibly turning in their heads.  COULD THIS BE????  Are we REALLY sitting in the same room as DAVID???!!!  David walks back in the room and sits down to work on the AFO's.  The silence is broken with Quinn's voice chiming in, "Do you have a sling shot???"  David looked at me and I mouthed to him "They think you're from David and Goliath".  He chuckled and proceeded to tell the boys that he was a different David but he DID have a sling shot.  Then they became enamored with him telling them all about his sling shot he's had since he was a little boy. 

This is a little peek into the fun and laughs these 2 boys bring us.  They are at a perfect age for each other.  They play and talk (and fight and pester) with each other all day and are each others' best buddy.  There is so much learning and talking going on as they piece things together in their little world. Their age/stage is full of challenges that sometimes KILL me, but the fun that comes with it far outweighs the bad (most days...). At the end of a day my heart is full of funny little things they've said or done that day.  I LOVE this brother thing SOO MUCH.


Jodi said...

I can't handle the preciousness!!!!

erin f. said...

That David story is completely adorable! That's one of Ellie's favorites as well. I might steal the idea of using a sling shot to shoot scary things :)