Monday, October 29, 2012

Paw Paw's Birthday

The first weekend in October was my Dad's birthday...the big 6-0.  Kory was out of town, but the kids and I headed to Paris to celebrate! 

One of my boys favorite things to do....especially with Paw Paw

Uncle Clay holding Jaylie....she was kinda fussy but he got her happy pretty quick. While he was holding her she started crying and he never batted an eye..just layed her back, bounced her, and got her happy.  Clint was standing beside him holding Marion and they just kept right on talking.  It kinda made me laugh. Soooo much has changed in the last 6 years.  My brothers are seasoned parents! Haha! Thats funny to me.  Its funny that they can hold a crying baby (whether its theirs or not) and carry on a conversation without batting an eye.  I love it.  My brothers are really REALLY good dads.  And uncles. 

a *shockingly* great bath in Gay Gay's sink.  

On that Friday, we went to visit one of my best friends Beth.  She had a baby girl, Anniston a month after Jaylie was born. It was so fun to meet Anniston and catch up with Beth. Its always fun to be holding babies and chatting it up with friends you used to have slumber parties with.  Life is fun.  Both of the girls managed to have explosive poops before we left, so their outfits are a little lacking. I'll just say now that I would've killed for a Nap Nanny with Kanyon.....with all my kids for that matter.  Those things are COOL! 

Paw Paw and Kanyon "writing on the concrete" (as klp says) I see where Dad had just drawn a lamp for klp. If I had a penny for every lamp I've drawn Kanyon, I'd be rich.  Lamps and garages. Weirdo.  :)

Ya think her cousins like her????

Even after 10 grandkids, my mom still acts like every new baby is her first.  

My Dad looks angry here, but really he's not. He likes Jaylie very very much.  

More holding with Ro Ro

Quinn found my old favorite baby doll Pink Bida Baby.  Don't ask....i have no clue why I named her that.  My nieces love to play with her and know she's a very special doll.  I thought I'd have to wait til j was older to see one of my kids play with her, but q seems to enjoy her.  

I kinda cracked up at how he held the baby like firewood.  

Now he got a little more comfy and sweet.  He really does love babies/stuffed animals.  Its cute.  

The birthday boy with his grands...

Paw Paw and Gay Gay.....lotsa love on that couch. 

no adults!!  we considered this photo shoot a great success.  

Happy Birthday Dad!

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