Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Brothers

Kanyon and Quinn are doing pretty good with their new jobs as Biggest Brother and Big Brother.  In general, they reacted about like I thought they would.  Kanyon seemed the least phased by the "big change" of adding a new baby.  He keeps up with her by asking where she is and telling me what to do with her, but doesn't have a lot of interest in being around her or touching her. However, when we are out and about, "Baby Jaylie" is often the first thing he tells people about (whether he's talking to strangers or friends). Quinn was by far the most affected by the change, but is obsessed with Jaylie.  I can't keep him off of her....I'd like to since he had green snot and a cough for about a month straight.  Sheesh!  He's gotten good at covering his cough (and reminding me to do the same).  When I told him to cover his sneeze he acted like I was crazy and said, "Mom, thats not a cough".  Maybe he'll eventually learn to cover his face ANYTIME snot and such might go flying.  He loves to kiss her and touch her and pat her.  He's always been very gentle and sweet.  

One morning, klp decided he wanted to sit by Jaylie.  She had fallen asleep in the chair.....

feeling of her hair....if you know klp, you know this is what he does to everyone.  

checking out those tiny toes...luckly baby sister slept through all the inspections.  This little encounter lasted about 1 min. and then he wanted her out of his chair.  haha.  

We were getting ready for church a couple of weeks ago and he said, "I wanna hold her".  Neither of the boys really hold her, so I thought it was funny that he thought of this on his own.  He patted her tummy, then said "she's heavy".   

Last week q was headed to bed and said, "I've gotta tell Jaylie June night night" and the next thing I know, he's over there singing "Jesus Loves Me" sweet sweet Quinn boy.  

I'd say j is settling in nicely to her role as Little Sister

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Rachel said...

Sweet big brothers. Nolan was pretty indifferent to Marion until she was about 6 months old. Now I have to make him leave her alone, but it melts my heart to see how sweet he is to her. Sometimes a little rough, but sweet. I'm sure Jaylie will get her share of that. Love y'all!