Monday, April 23, 2007

Update on Day 28 Update

I went ahead and updated before our night visit thinking nothing would change...but.....I do have a little more to update. Of course that means a little more to add to the prayer list.

While we were in there tonight, his Dr. was there so we got to talk to him. He said they took a second look at the ECG of his heart and that they've decided the opening was larger than they originally thought. He has had increased heart rate and a few other minor signs, so they are going to go ahead and treat this with medication starting tomorrow morning. They will stop his feedings and give him his medication over 36 hours. Dr. Chris said that about 80% are fixed with this first round and that 90% are fixed with 2 rounds. SO..hopefully this will work the first time. If the medication doesn't work then he'll have to have a surgery and of course we're wanting to avoid that. If this PDA (thats this little heart thing) has been affecting breathing, oxigination, or his heart rate then they said we'll see a big turn around once it's fixed. Please pray for his little heart.

Dr. Chris said they'll do another head scan to check the swelling Thursday or Friday. There has been growth over the last 2 days. I fully believe that all these prayers will turn that around.

Still on antibiotics for 2 more days to make sure there is no infection. They can be tough on his liver and kindeys so we're kind of ready for him to be off of those.

We thank you so much for your prayers. We are honored to have so many people praying. We don't ask you for these prayers lightly or with greed, we are so thankful for all of you who pray. I have so much comfort and I believe so strongly that this WILL make a difference--that all of these prayers are working and will work!


Anonymous said...

I'm completely in awe of you! I can only imagine how overwhelming all of the information is that the Doctor is telling you and you manage to communicate all of that info to thousands of people. WOW! I know that I have a hard time remembering everything that Gibson's doctor tells me on his well-visits. :-) My prayers are with Kanyon that his heart will heal with the medication. I pray that you and Kory continue to stay strong and encouraged.
Love, Sheridie Daniels Dyess

Kara Sheets said...

we will be praying for a strong heart and a decrease in ventricle swelling-
zach & kara sheets

Lindsay (Thomas) Cromwell said...

I just wanted to thank you for coming out tonight with all you have going on it really meant alot to me and I am sure to Aaron to see you there. My prayers are with you always.
Lindsay (Thomas) Cromwell

Pruitts said...

We're praying for you guys and the little scrapper!

Jodi said...

Praying like crazy... from Paris! :) LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

I check your website often and will definitely keep praying for him. My surviving triplet had PDA surgery when he was 12 days old and just over a pound. All in all he did well. They did 2 rounds of the meds and it just wouldn't close without the surgery. I will be praying HARD for your son.


Lindsey said...

I'm praying!! Thanks for being so specific in what he needs right now.

Anonymous said...

We are still praying. We love you and are praying for the best results.
Love ya,
White Oak Primary

Allison said...

Hi Jaymie. I just want you to know not a day has passed that I have not checked in on your sweet family. I think of Kanyon daily. You are all in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praying specifically for Kanyon's heart and lungs, as well as for the swelling in the ventricle to go down. Also praying for peace and calm for you all.

We love you!!

Monica Siklosi

Anonymous said...

Not a day goes by that we don't think about and pray for the three of you. You are such an inspiration to us. We love you guys!!!

Adrian, Debbie, Michael, Baker, Morgan, & Garrison

jocelyn said...

We are still thinking about you guys and praying for you daily. We'll be praying for Kanyon's swelling to go down. You guys are doing an amazing job!

Much love,
Jocelyn and Mark

Jeanna Caldwell said...

Praying for the "heart" is our specialty! (among other things as well.) Just want you to know that we are still here sending lots of prayers your way. Keep your faith strong and remember you have sooo many prayer warriors backing you up! Take care and know that your thought of every second of everyday.
Love, the Caldwell Crew
Jeanna,Mark,Chase,Casey,Emily,Camri,and Caden

Anonymous said...

You are being lifted up with all the specifics you have been giving to us. We will keep lifting up to our Father that knows all and is all. Keep the info coming. We love you from long distance!

Karl and Andrea

Eldon & Marilyn said...

Dear Kory, Jaymie & baby Kanyon,
We continue to light a candle each morning as a reminder, through out our day, to pray for each of you. Kory, we've also been praying for you as you begin your new job....this company is so lucky to have hired you!
We pray for that hole to close and the swelling to go down.....we know you will always be faithful and strong. Love, Eldon & Marilyn