Friday, October 14, 2011


There are so many fun things about having boys.  Sometimes I see them doing something that just makes me think, "That is SUCH a boy!"  One of my favorites is watching them play with their trucks and stuff. One night last week they were both busy doing "BOY STUFF" so I got my camera out.  

I was trying to get a picture of q pushing his truck, but every time he saw me with the camera he would stop, squat down, and CHEESE! 

Finally I got a few.  He loves this truck. Its traveled many miles in our house and outside. Sticking out that tongue for extra concentration!

aaaaand he spotted me with the camera....stop. squat. CHEESE! 

Meanwhile, klp and his John Deere were chuggin' right along.  

and just when I thought we were enjoying life as a Boy to the fullest, q busted out with the granddaddy of them all.....He held up the trailor (it goes with the tractor) and started making gun noises.  

here he is shooting me.  I'm tellin' ya, they're born with it! :)  



Sydni said...

I just wouldn't know... but sure do like to see and hear all about it what with the six nephews we have... so far. !!

erin f. said...

I love how it is so natural in boys and girls to love different things. Ellie is with boys all day long but cares nothing for cars or trucks or guns or machines. She loves kittens and flowers :) They are so cute and looking so much alike these days.