Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Few Questions???

How much will he pay me to NEVER show these to his friends when he's 16???

Doesn't Rebekah look like SUCH a good teacher???  (thats really a joke.  She's my friend who got her teaching degree but hated it and never planned/plans on using it, so I like to tease her about being a teacher)

Is it just ASKING for an injury when I let Q push klp? 

Why can I still not resist sand box pictures? And why does klp STILL say "cat poop" when we talk about the sand box even though it was 6 months ago that I found some cat poop in the sand box????? SHEESH!!!

Could he be any cuter? 

Why will he not keep a hat on without me tricking him into it? (I told him to show me his hand so i could get this pic in his Central Montana CoOp hat....a Wes Phillips wardrobe staple)

What happens when your mom has a garage sale with a couple of her friends???  
(you play with your friends' old toys) 

How can you beat $5 for Blake's old train set??!!! 

Who woulda thunk qsp's treasure would've been the hangers??! 

Did you know klp can walk his new puppy (another garage sale trade with Amy)????

You rootin' for the Rangers too?

You scared?

"How do you like my shoes?" (klp was THRILLED to be wearing Nolan's old shoes)

Can you look at klp's school pic without saying "ahhhhhhhh"? 
Can you tell he's saying Cheeeeese?

How do you like THAT for a "random picture" post without calling it that??


Sydni said...

It seems I barely leave comments anymore, but please know that we read (multiple times) and relish each post. I think Kanyon's school picture melted my heart. Such precious, precious boys!

Chelsa said...

Your kids are adorable :)

Go Cards! :) lol, I live in Indiana- about 3 hours from st. louis- we're huge cardinal's fans! i have big bags under my eyes from staying up too late watching the game last night!