Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kanyon's First Day of School

I posted one picture on klp's first day of school, but here are a few more that I took that morning.  We were glad we got to enjoy a few extra weeks of summer this year, but like it or not, school came-a-knocking.  I DREADED it as usual, but Kanyon does great and his teachers do great with him.  Same school, same teachers, etc. so it makes the transition pretty easy.  Though early bed times and waking up early are not easy for us, we are back in the swing of things.  He still only goes Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but this year instead of 11, he goes til 1:15.  That means he gets to eat lunch at school and take a little nap.  He's done great with both for the most part.  I have had to get creative packing his lunch.  He usually eats MEALS at lunch. He skipped the toddler/snacky/easy pack lunch stuff.  So far its worked fine though.  He's done great at naps except for one day when he and another boy got in trouble for being loud during nap time.  oopsy.  He's been much better since then!  haha!  

Our daily routine is quite shuffled up now as I wake q up to take klp to school (HATE that) and then pick him up and he's already had a nap but qsp goes down for his.   We enjoy our quiet afternoons while Bubba sleeps.  Quinn gets me in the mornings, Kan gets me in the afternoons.  :)  On the non school days klp still naps so thats nice. 

Here is the big boy set to go on his first day.  By the way, he requests a "Geee ruuurrr" (Green shirt) every single morning.  This is the only green one we have.  Lucky for me, he hasn't quite figured out what green is so he doesn't actually care if its green, he just feels the need to say it! haha!  

Can't resist the backpack picture

He strolled right into his room like he never left....

he walked over to the train table and there was a phone next to it.  He picked it up and said, "HELLOOO!!!" and then went right back to the trains.  He's a crack up!! 

This is his teacher Ms. Paulette.  She is sweet and has been very gracious and flexible as we find what times, etc. work best for us.  She loves Kanyon (so do his other 2 teachers) and I'm thankful we have a place where I feel good leaving him.  


Marianne said...


So glad he has a wonderful school program. Looks like they are doing a good job! Love him for me!

KParish said...

These made me smile! I guess he is feeling better. Love you guys.