Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Q's New Favorite Sport

In his short life, Quinn has already fallen in love with most major sports.  Currently it's football.  Or as he says, "butt ball".  Nice.  Especially when we were leaving a restaurant Sunday afternoon and as he walked through the middle of the place and spotted the TV with a football game on it, he yelled, "BUTT BALL DADDY BUTT BALL!!!"  Oh dear.

This is more like a blooper reel.

I can't say that his current skills give me hope that he'll be in the NFL, but thats Ok.  We're not really big football people anyways.  :)


Marianne said...

Lara and I are loving it!!!

erin f. said...

This is so stinking cute! He is pretty good at Butt Ball already if you ask me! I love the way he holds his arms out to catch. No doubt that child is ALL BOY!