Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nolan's Birthday Party

Nolan turned 3 at the end of September, so we headed to Paris to celebrate Nolan and his current skateboard obsession.  We met at the skate park and got to watch some "Big Skateboarders" (they were maybe 15 yrs. old) and let the kids do a little skating of their own.  

Is anyone shocked that klp was a natural at this?????  

The Birthday boy was in HEAVEN!

qsp has noticed the camera.  He will randomly decide to CHEESE when he see me taking a picture of him....

and more often than not, he squats down.  Not sure why.  

This kid was having a BLAST! I'm sure he was wondering why in the world no one had given him a skateboard before.  That could've saved lots of torn up pants!  

up the ramp

he never made it all the way up, but he tried with all his might! 

Kase and Kanyon on the ramp.  

The kids: Landry, Kellan, Avery, Parker, Quinn, Kanyon, Roselyn, and Nolan.  We were so happy the Davidsons were in town for the party. They are here from Peru and it was SO GREAT to see them.  

oh man...these pictures crack me up.  What a crew.  

Nolan looks depressed, Landry looks mad, Ro looks totally annoyed, and Kanyon is bored so he's looking under his board.  Avery and Kellan are still holdin' steady with the smiles! 

klp and Nolan

They were so sweet playing with Nolan's new skateboard ramp.  I can't explain how my heart explodes when I see Kanyon playing with his cousin.  Oh man.  

q wanting to take the wagon for a spin

klp and Ro were dying laughing because Nolan was trying to blow out his candles and the last one wouldn't blow out.  It really was funny, he just kept blowing and blowing (and spitting and spitting) and everyone was laughing so hard.  Finally he got some help and we were able to enjoy the yummy cake. 

Rachel's mom always does a puppet show and the kids are just mesmerized!  Mallory and Q had to get as close as possible.  

After the show was over, klp got behind the puppet stage and had a blast playing with the puppets.  

Then all the kids got back there and had a little show! 

"backstage photo"

We ended the night back and my parent's house with a devotional.  Not really.  Q loves big books, ya know and brought KLP this bible to read.  He's totally concentrating, huh? 


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