Friday, October 28, 2011

The Zoo

A couple of Saturdays ago, we decided to take the boys to the zoo in Tyler.  Q has never been and klp was really young when he went, so we thought they might enjoy it.  Plus it was finally not unbearably, so my husband wouldn't melt (That Montana blood gets hot with anything above 75!).  

We had a good day together.  klp walked in his walker most of the way so we were glad he got to use his walking.  Overall, I'd say the boys were UNDERwhelmed by the whole experience.  They didn't spaz out and love it like I thought they might, but I also think they expected the animals to do more.  I mean a lion is cool and all, but aren't they supposed to ROAR?? Not just lay there, ya know? Here we go with a few pictures: 

klp and KLP checking out the flamingos (I think) . 

The mountain lion was my favorite of the day. He was pacing right by the window it was SOOO COOL.  Q was a little scared at first (shocker) but eventually made his way up to the window as the mountain lion walked away.  

klp facing off with the mountain lion.  Even in a situation like this, we weren't sure if he was actually seeing the animal or not.  Its kind of a mystery sometimes.  

There's a cool little bird place you go in to where there are tons of parakeet type birds flying around.  We found some sticks with birdseed to feed the birds with (lucky us, we didn't have to buy any) and klp loved feeding them.  qsp on the other hand, would drop the stick as soon as the bird came close.  

They did both seem to enjoy this snake.  It was moving, so I think that helped them see it and enjoy it.  I really love this picture.  

klp making his way!  GOOD BOY! 

This is q saying "CHOMP CHOMP" and chomping his hands together. He was SOOO EXCITED about seeing the alligator.  He just kept "chomping" all day until we finally got to see it. I'm pretty sure he wanted to say, "Really?  This is it?" because the alligator was just laying in the grass way far away form the bridge where we could barely see it.  The other one was in the water hiding.  Sorry to disappoint ya, Quinn Man.

klp trying to make an escape from the picture.  qsp continues to be my best model.  

Sure wish q wasn't scratching his ear.  Its such a great picture of my boys.  

Of course, when Kanyon got tired of walking, Quinn was more than happy to take the walker and boogie.  

self photo while we waited for Dad and Q to catch up with us. 

I think the penguins were their favorite animal of the day.  Q loved watching them swim around.  He was LOVING IT! 

Cheesing by the penguins

This was taken at the very end....can you tell?  :)  Done.  They were done.  

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