Friday, October 7, 2011

Funny Stuff

My Aunt and Uncle have a tree in their front yard that drops big acorns.  The boys picked up a bunch one night and loved playing with them while we were at their house.  They took them with them to the bathtub and everything.  They had so much fun! 

After his MRI a few weeks ago at Children's, they gave him this puzzle.  Its like a paper doll except magnetic.  You dress the boy in different sports uniforms.  Of course, klp wanted the basketball uniform.  So after doing it with him a few times, he wanted to do it all by himself.  This was the final product. It just cracks me up to look at things kids have done when they're playing.  Not sure if that makes sense......."evidence of play" make me smile. I think its funny.  

One night at supper we were trying to help Quinn finish up his meal, so we said he could have a drink of Daddy's Kool-Aid.  It was a hit.  We found his "currency" that night! :) He wanted to drink out of a big boy cup, so we let him.  It led to quite a mess!!  I LOOOOOVED the mustache! Can you tell he's asking for more....that pleading look on his face!!  haha! 

Messy Kool-Aid boy still carrying around the acorns from my aunt and uncle's house! :) 

If this last pictures doesn't crack you up, I don't know what will!!!!  Don't even know what was going on, but klp though it was HILARIOUS!!! Feast your eyes on this.........


Specks said...
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Specks said...

Ok, #1 the pics of K's first day of school totally made me tear up....LOVE THAT BOY. #2 The pic of him cracking up absolutely rocks and made my night. #3 Quinn and Jackson are birds of a feather - Travis let him try a sip of Gatorade one night and he LOVED it, so that is now their nightly ritual. What a mess he is after 10 sips of red Gatorade. BTW, if you ever want to venture east you are sooo welcome to come visit us in DC any time! We would have too much fun with our two pairs of brothers :).