Sunday, October 16, 2011

Self photos with Kanyon

It doesn't come up much on the blog, but I have mentioned it a few times.  Kanyon is legally blind.  He's been receiving vision therapy since he was 2.  Along with having very very near sighted vision, he has some other factors with his neurological damage and development that make the whole vision thing a little tricky.  He compensates really well, but the older he gets, the more I realize just how much the visual/neurological difficulties affect him and the things he wants/tries to do.  All that to say, he was given an iPad from an organization that was giving them out to children with visual impairments.  We were totally shocked, as we don't really deal a lot with that organization, but we were really excited.  He really loves it and I am finding more and more apps that he can do independently and with our help.  We joke a lot about it, but we really are thankful for it.  It really has helped him and we feel like the older he gets the more it will help him.  

One day we were playing around with the camera. I was trying to get a self photo.  Between him being obsessed with other parts of the screen, the 3-2-1 countdown, and getting him to look at the right part of the screen, we had a hard time getting a good shot.......

he could NOT stop laughing.  He thought it was all so funny! 

Since the straight on self photos weren't working, I told him to give me a he is going straight for my MOUTH! 

I redirected him to my cheek and WE GOT IT!  


erin f. said...

Those pictures are CUTE! Ellie loves my ipad and has apps that help her learn things. She calls it mama's "pad". Haha.

martha crockett said...

LOVE THIS!!!!! So cute when he throws his head back to laugh. That's the happiest laughter of all.
Keep up the good work, Mom!