Monday, February 17, 2014

Christmas 2013

We spent the week before Christmas in Paris with my fam.  Kory was done working at Mueller so it was nice to have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday.  

Jaylie and Gay Gay peeling carrots 

A special Bubble Guppies Christmas show! As if you haven't caught on, I happen to love pictures of kids watching TV.  Not sure why, but I think its just so cute.  


Its always fun to see my kids play with my old toys.  (she IS wearing a diaper in this picture)

My cousin Julie gave me this necklace!!! Isn't it so awesome??!!?

Speaking of my kids playing with my old toys, this one is the best of the best. It was one of my first dolls and favorite of mine my whole life.  Somehow she got the name "Pink Bidda" not sure what that means, but thats her name.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching my little girl play with her. 

Juney girl festive in her Rudolph headband. 

This is my 6 year old bouncing in the bouncy chair.  On his knees.  

Paw Paw let the boys decorate one of the little trees.  

More Pink Bidda and Jaylie June. 

Gay Gay and jjp all ready for church.  

Please take note of Q's arm around Mallory.  

He's playing cool guy....really...doesn't he look 17 in this picture?! 

Mom made all the girls little pillowcase dresses.  They looked so cute and Christmasy in them.  

sweet kisses

Rudolph headband again

Q wearing Uncle Clint's old baseball hat.  And shooting me with a sling shot. 

My dad had a bunch of fireworks leftover from the 4th of July, so he put on a good show for us right before bed.  This was the night before christmas eve so everyone spent the night at Mom and Dads so we could have our Christmas the next morning.  

Gay Gay keeping Jaylie June warm for the firework show. 

This is a picture of the door but look closely and you can see Q standing by the door. He didn't want to come outside for the fireworks.  

Ellie and Jaylie having a little breakfast date. 

Here's the whole gang just before we opened presents.  I look at this picture and explode. I love these kids so much.  

This was by far our easiest and most successful picture taking to date.  Maybe we are nearing the end of the torture phase of cousin pictures.....Maybe. 

Aunt Mo and her crew got the boys a Lone Ranger book, gun, and mask.  Can't go wrong with weapons with my crew! 

All three boys shooting! 

After the kids opened their presents the grown ups got their turn.  Its always fun....especially because inevitably Mom buys all three boys a matching shirt.  

I'm not sure when this picture was taken but its a doozy of Mom and that with their "quiver full" 

We left Christmas Eve afternoon to go back to Longview so Santa could come to our house.  Here is The Lone Ranger shooting me on our way home. 

Our fireplace after Santa came.  Complete with the note Quinn dictated for Santa to make sure he knew he wanted a horn not a train.  Haha.  

Christmas Morning waiting in our room before they can go see if he came!!

Christmas Morning sleepy faces are the best. 

Down the hallway.....the anticipation is building!!!

CHA CHING! Santa came through with the horn!!!  

Miss Juney girl got a shopping cart and a little doll that looks eerily similar to our big brown eyed baby girl. 

She also got a sippy cup for her baby and knew just what to do with it! 

For some strange reason, Santa brought the boys microphones....

Here they are all busy with their new toys.

We went to Nanny Lou's house that afternoon/evening with our big Spencer family.  It was a great day, but the only picture I got was of the boys blowing their horns in the car on the way home! YIKES! 

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!!! It was so fun doing all the Christmas stuff with the kids as they get older they are getting into the spirit of Christmas more and more and it sure does make it fun! 

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