Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kanyon starts school!

After months of planning (on my part and the school's part) and several meetings once we got here, Kanyon was all set to start at his new school.  The principal has been extremely easy to work with and, in a lot of ways, he's gone out of his way to make this transition smooth.  He has been accommodating and eager to provide for Kanyon the way his school in Longview did.  In Longview he spent part of the day in his PPCD (preschool for disabilities) class and a couple of hours in a Kindergarten room.  An aide went with him to his Kinder class and all of this was on the same hallway.  This school year they had to move the PreK (including kids with disabilities) to a different campus so that changed our plan a little.  But it has worked out fine.  He goes to PreK in the morning until 11:30 then the bus takes him to the school where his Kindergarten class is and he stays there until 3:00.  An aid from the PreK class (who I'm 99% sure they hired just for Kanyon) goes with him to Kindergarten and is his one on one helper/teacher.  She is so wonderful.  The first time Kory and I met her we knew she was going to be perfect. She is calm, diligent, and excited to be working with Kanyon.  I spent the first couple of days with them to see what things were like and help them "get to know Kanyon".  The great thing about that was they ASKED me to do that.  They wanted me to come and give my input and help them do what was best for Kanyon.  I know not all schools are like that so we consider it a blessing.  His Kindergarten teacher called us before we even knew she had been assigned to him.  She heard his last name and knew Kory's uncle so called him to get our phone number! haha! Small town life!  She has been teaching Kindergarten for 20+ years and is GREAT! She was excited about him joining their class and has done a great job helping the students get to know Kanyon and make him a part of the class.  There are a few things that are a little tricky about this, but the reality is, its probably gonna always be a little tricky! Overall we are very pleased with how things have gone and so thankful for the way they have loved Kanyon.  We had our final IEP for his program and feel like we are on the right track.  Here he is on his first day! 

January 28

Quinn wasn't too happy to loose his buddy after almost 2 months of him being out of school, but he and Jaylie keep each other entertained.  

Quinn feeds her (and opens his mouth too)

And they played in sleeping bags

With the way Kory's schedule is now, he's been able to take Kanyon to school in the mornings so I haven't had to wake up the little ones.  Some afternoons he or his dad have picked him up if they were able to. Its been nice.  Its been funny to adjust to all the "Montana" things about school.  Like snow clothes.  All of the kids take them every day and they have to put them on before recess.  Can you imagine getting 23 kindergartners in snow pants, coats, hats, and gloves??? The amazing thing is....the day I was there the teacher just said, "OK get ready for recess" and they all went out to their lockers and did it THEMSELVES!! Haha.  I guess by kindergarten they've been putting on snow clothes for a long time.  I feel bad for klp's aide because she has to get him in and out of those clothes and recess time is not very long! Its often times not much longer than it took to get him dressed! I was spoiled in Longview with curbside pick up and drop off service.  Not here. We have to get out to take him in and get out to pick him up.  It was also quite a change sending my kid to school when it was -26 outside!!!! SHEESH!  

Its been a good first few weeks of school and we are so thankful.  

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