Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jaylie June at 18 months

Spunk, busy, with-it, bad, hilarious, cute, cute-and-she-knows-it, jealous, greedy, big stuff, Miss thang, ......all words we use to describe Jaylie June on a daily basis.  She is so much fun and such a ball of spunk. The following series of pictures could also be described as "Reasons why her parents are IN FOR IT" 

She plays a mean sax

Don't be deceived. She hated the bow.  


Playin' it cool 

Carhartt cutie

She thinks shes SOOOOOOO big.  

Winter baby

This is her distant stare, serious model look

Showing off her furry house shoes from Uncle Tye. 

This picture can be titled "Why her DADDY is in trouble" 

She looks guilty, huh? I don't recall what was going on here, but I'm sure she was guilty. 

Irresistible carrying her purse and baby. Its funny what a little girl just knows.  She holds and rocks her baby and carries that purse on her arm like she's a grown woman.  She also defies the gender stereo types and knew what to do with a toy gun, runs in the room with a sword and says "AAAAA-YAAAA" like a ninja, and just yesterday she was pushing her breadstick across the table making train/car noises.  

She loves to wear her brothers' vests....and run from the camera. 

These big brown eyes'll melt ya if you're not careful. 

It seems playing with weapons and cars isn't the only thing she's learned from her brothers.  Quinn seems to have taught her how to wear her underpants.  

Smocked and Carhartt....its all the rage, right????

The girl can give some dirty looks.  

She's quite the talker and has lots of words in her little vocabulary.  She is totally obsessed with animals and loves toy horses.  She often carries one around with her which means she naps/goes to bed at night with a horse in her hand almost all the time.  If its not a horse its her elephant or babies.  She's becoming quite the mommy/caretaker.  Just in the last couple of weeks she's started calling me "Momeeeee" instead of the baby talk "Mama".  Its so fun being her mom and watching her grow! She's a blast! 

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